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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Available: Muntjac cull

    After a good turnout on my Cwd cull days we are holding a few muntjac culls days near Newmarket. the day will be 3 hour morning sit and a 3hr evening sit for muntjac cost for day is £350 and shoot what comes out only extra if roe doe is shot £75 pm for more details nov 7th and 21st
  2. Available: Cwd cull

    We have Cwd culls days on Nov 14th and dec 19th near Milton kynes 3 hour morning and evening sit in a highseat shoot what ever comes out and carcasses including in the price £400 for the day only extra is good drink to keeper if gold is taken pm for more details
  3. For Sale: R8 absorption system

    For sale blazer r8 ultimate recoil absorption system £200
  4. For Sale: Electric outboard motor

    22 lb thrust motor Used Great for messing about on the water
  5. For Sale: Harkila roe sacks

    2 harkila roe sacks both never used £35 each
  6. Beaters

    Hi after being let down we need 3 beaters for this Saturday ,pay is £25 and all food you can eat , shoot is near Barton mills ,pm me for more details trev
  7. Blazer 308

    Hi I bought a second hand 308 a year ago and just found out the barrel has a bad rusted chamber ,been told to get it lapped out does anybody know anybody who could do this for me I’m near Cambridge or know where to buy lapping tool and paste.
  8. rearing

    hi looking at rearing some pheasants this year so looking for pen sections hurs shelters ,drinkers ans anything else to do the job ,nw or secound hand ,pleses pm if you have or know where there is some / trevor
  9. rearing gear

    hi looking to start rearing day old chicks this year so if anybody got any secoundhand gear for sale please m me . trevor
  10. beaters required

    hi i run a small drivenshoot just outside newarket we are looking for beaters withor without dog october 31st then every 2 weeks after that £25 a day plus lunch beaters day jan 31st pm me foe mor detalis trvor
  11. skins

    g=hi guys looking for some skins for all 6 uk deer for a project i am looking to do ,any thing anybody have and info would be a help,pm me trevor
  12. Loan working

    Hi guys anybody done a loan working plan for FC application could you share trev
  13. Lone working

    Anybody got any information about lone working and what to add ,or if any body got a ready made form could you let me know , trevor
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