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  1. Uninvited guests 🙈

    There are a couple of abandoned golf courses round our way. It's quite satisfying watching them return to nature.
  2. My ever first stalk....not as expected.

    I shot my first deer (a CWD) this time last year exactly with Malc. I was out with there again on Saturday, got a CWD doe in the morning stalking on foot, and this little muntjac buck in the afternoon from a high seat just as the light was going. We saw about 18 CWD in the morning, even in spite...
  3. Wanted: 22 Target rifle

    Someone on pigeonwatch is selling one Anshutz Target .22 rifle
  4. Wanted: Smock

    I'm wearing a musto keeper smock this year. I wanted something waterproof and that it is. Nice big/functional pockets. It's a little awkward to put on/take off but has full length zips at the sides, which helps. It's not very breathable, but it's lovely and warm. After washing it (lathered in...
  5. Gwps

    Depends on the dog I'm sure, but so far ours is brilliant in the house (much less bother than a collie we're fostering) and brilliant with our 6 year old daughter. No need to reign him in since he was about 6 months, before that he used to race around the house a lot and cause mayhem. I haven't...
  6. Food Porn

    I'm on a diet! Fallow shish with curried aubergine curry last night, and a sort of carne asada affair with guacamole, sautéed peppers and salad tonight. No carbs!!
  7. Have we heard anything like this in the U.K.?
  8. Food Porn

    That looks delicious. Did you cut the shank on a band saw frozen?
  9. Food Porn

    That looks great. I've been told by the missus I need to do a Wellington now.
  10. Food Porn

    That looks great
  11. DSC 2 options

    On a separate note did you do the Arran scheme, and if so whqt did you make of it?
  12. Hello

    Welcome from just across the border in Kent. I'm a novice at stalking too, and my advice is not to worry too much about DSC / PDS yet, get a couple of stalks booked in first (maybe on a few different species - now's a good time of year) and get a feel for it, then you'll get a better idea what...
  13. Food Porn

    My first fallow buck, shank slow braised in red wine with bullaces and sloes
  14. Opportunity to stalk Suffolk's five species of deer over an action packed weekend for 2 keen hunters.

    Congratulations mate, that is a belter of a prize to win!!! Karma for giving me those cleaves!
  15. First fallow buck

    That's a beauty
  16. Raw dog food……where do you get yours?

    We use Able, online with a subscription. Tried a few different ones, the problem with our dog is that feeding him poultry gives him the most eye watering, stomach churning farts, so we're stuck with beef / lamb which is that bit more expensive. I've tried Browns pet range which I thought was...
  17. Food Porn

    coincidentally I was pondering katsu last night, but wasn't sure how the top round would turn out after being pounded into a schnitzel
  18. Food Porn

    Top round of roe buck with crispy sautéed spuds from the allotment
  19. Sold: Small Wellington Bladeworks custom knife

    That looks absolutely gorgeous
  20. Sold: Caldwell noise cancelling ear defenders

    I'll have these if Steve doesn't