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  1. Wanted: £1000 Reward for Uplifted Swarovski

    Sharing on behalf of Precision Rifle Services Aberdeenshire. Long shot but please contact Callum via PRS website or myself if you know their whereabouts or are offered them - thanks. ****Swarovski EL 10x42 Rangefinders Serial Number Ends In 795**** It would appear that we have had a visitor...
  2. For Sale: HIKMICRO - Full range inc the TQ50C Ultimate Thunder Weapon Scope.

    Full range of HIK products available from affordable hand held monoculars to top of the range TQ50C Ultimate thunder weapon scope. We are a HIKMICRO Authorised Dealer.
  3. For Sale: PULSAR XQ38 & XM30S

    Both XQ38 and XM30S in stock Spare battery and shipping included whilst stocks last. Fully 3 year warranty. Please call, TXT or WhatsApp for prices. 07719 670959
  4. For Sale: @NEW@ PULSAR XM30S, XQ38 & Helion 2 XP 38 & 50 PRO in stock Call For Details

    XM30S a must have compact high performing thermal monocular from a well established trusted market leader. Stock has just arrived for immediate free delivery to members. Please PM or call for Weekend Saver Pricing We will match any published price! 07719 670959
  5. Sold: Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Klassik

    S&B 8x56, 30mm main tube, A4 reticle Hungarian Klassik Superb condition, excellent light transmission, no visible ring marks Complete with original lens caps and box. £300 ovno.
  6. For Sale: HIK Micro 35mm PRO Thermal Retail Price Drop

    Top of the HIK range the 35mm Owl PRO High resolution 640 x 512 px - 17micron thermal sensor (35mK NETD rating) combined with HIK software delivers a high definition image. Retail was £2699 Sale price now ....... £2349 Save £350!! With additional exclusive discount for SD members - please...
  7. Sold: Pulsar Axion XM30 NEW

    Free next day delivery PM or call Grampian Guns 07719 670959
  8. For Sale: ** New Improved** SIRIUS XTL IR TORCH & QD MOUNT

    # New Improved Version Available # • Tail Switch illumination for easy on off indication • • Rats Tail Available for remote switching -also (illuminated) Your old model can also be updated with the above modifications - quick turn around. Irlightbuilds - Sirius XTL IR torch A perfect...
  9. PULSAR Accolade 2 XP50 LRF Pro and Helion 2 XP50 PRO - New Product info

    Pulsar product release if you require additional information please PM me - thank you. Pulsar have announced that they are releasing two new Pulsar products - The Accolade 2 LRF XP50 Pro & Helion 2 XP50 Pro! Considered to be the next step in thermal imaging, these new devices are fitted with...
  10. For Sale: PRICE DROP!! HIK Micro Lynx 19mm Thermal Monocular

    MARCH MADNESS PRICE DROP - £110 off RRP!! £1239 RRP With Further SD Member discount! Please contact for latest 19mm price! FEATURING + 35mK NETD Rating One of the most sensitive sensors available on the market, detecting even the smallest temperature differences! + Objective Focus Ring...
  11. For Sale: Joe West Rem 700 thumbhole stock

    Joe West Thumbhole stock Remington 700 short action / clone footprint and Tier 1 (3rd eye) detach mag bottom metal. Varmint channel, pillars installed. Recoil pad and studs In superb condition as shown in photos. Stock £200 Bottom metal £100 Stock buyer has first dibs on metal.
  12. Sold: Steyr 69 SSG .308 SOLD

    Steyr Mannlicher 69 SSG in devastating .308 cal Heavy original external twist barrel, un threaded. 1 x 308 mag, 30mm opti lock rings. £550 ono Scope - Nightforce NF 12 -42 x 56 illuminated with NP2 R2 etched reticle and target turrets. £900 Serious set up for the long range shooter.
  13. HIK Vision Thunder Weapon Scope Release

    HIK Vision Thunder available soon, can’t wait for the spec to be revealed and put it through its paces to see how it compares against the competition. HIK MICRO - Thunder Thermal Weapon Scope
  14. For Sale: 9.3mm 270g Big boy bullets

    21 x 9.3 - 270g soft point bullets £14 posted
  15. Sold: 30-06 Norma Brass - SOLD

    30-06 NORMA BRASS Unfired x 45 Norma Once fired x 75 £50 includes postage
  16. For Sale: PARD 008P and 008LRF New Stock

    Superb quality, value for money NV systems. Pard 007A 16MM & 12mm Pard NV 008P Pard NV 008P - LRF All Pard units are UK compliant with unique UK serial numbers. Sirius XTL IR illuminators with QD mount Pm or call 07719 670959 Thanks
  17. For Sale: 308 Brass - RWS, Federal

    Federal - Twice fired x 50 RWS - Once Fired x 17 R&P - Twice fired X 28 £20 All de primed
  18. Sold: PARD NV007A and N008P Available for immediate dispatch.

    Both UK compliant models in stock for same day shipping.
  19. For Sale: HK & Co Order -Aberdeenshire

    Hello fellow “Dons” We are placing an order with Henry Kranks on Monday. This will include dangerous goods - powders, primers etc. If there is anything you wish to add to the group order please let me know by 4pm Monday 9th Nov. Apologies for the lateness - will do better next time 🙄...
  20. Sold: .30 Cal SOLD

    .30 Cal 150g Nosler BT - Qty 32 Pulled .30 Cal 125g BT Qty 47 Pulled £18 includes P&P
BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod