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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. KUIU Axis Hybrid Jacket

    I took the plunge and switched to Kuiu, the stuff is great, sizing can be a problem, i have the axis set, its shower resistant only, not water proof, a good shower is fine, they have rain gear which is for the persistent rain, i also went for the gale force which is water resistant and warm, im...
  2. Sold: Pulsar trail XP50

    how much was this sold for pls
  3. Sold: Pulsar Trail XP50 Thermal Scope

    is this still for sale
  4. Sold: For Sale Landig Game fridge

    That’s my temptations now gone, I was working out how to get this to Lancashire without a trip in the trailer 😏
  5. For Sale: 11ft by 7ft Chiller /monoblock unit £1750 ono

    is this sold I guess so ?
  6. Working abroad - resident status and SGC / FAC?

    you cannot keep them if you tell them simple as that, unless your on rotation and thus your family remain in the uk, they will not allow you to hold firearms ( or FAC) in an empty house, better doing a deal with your RFD, thats if you have one who's a friend as they will charge you, or put hem...
  7. Wanted: Spotting scope

    I've got Swarovski ATX with carbon tripod i thinks its 30-70x95 with neoprene covers, its really never been used very much....
  8. Wanted: A-Tec Maxim .30cal & .243win Baffles / Moderators

    I think I've got a couple of these
  9. Chiller / food prep area

    ok for a fridge, chiller, rails would be 5-6K new. You may get the items for 3K if you shop around and go used second hand, the container would be 1k, and you time to convert it your self. if you buy it completed several places do this, SHM, Tarrant fridge, and some others your at least at 10k...

    what is the best price on these
  11. SPYPOINT customer service

    Cannot change or upgrade any of photo transmission plans and 3 cameras have timed out of the 30 days free period, keeps locking me out of the app, cameras not sending photos, and numerous other issues....
  12. SPYPOINT customer service

    This is the worse company ever for customer service absolute incompetence at the highest levels, useless, wont work, and going around in circles, don’t buy it !
  13. Deer winch for reds in woodland with no vehicular access

    Petrol Honda capstan Winch and a couple of pulleys should do the trick
  14. spy point link micro

    Best be hot 3 of them, all working fine follow the step by step guide I didn’t use the QR code I set them up manually
  15. Anyone for a new Defender ?

    80k for the defender X
  16. New Land Rover Defender

    It’s a Ford FLEX in drag
  17. Sold: Beretta 687 20 bore

    What’s the LOP on this please, I’m looking for one for a lady
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