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Leica Amplus 6
  1. anyone into motorbikes ???

    2008 Triumph Thruxton tricked and 1959 Manx Norton with long circuit tank running daytime MOT:cool: And got my eye on a 1960 BSA Road Rocket for restoration Fester
  2. Time to hang my hat up

    John, it's a good job Andy has good tread on these "off road" slippers! He could of ended up loosing his footing netting this salmon and ended up in the net himself, I can just imagine him running down to the river bank in his nightie and slippers! I bet the poor old fisherman about had a heart...
  3. Hinds for Breeding / Hinds for Meat

    Andrew These Hinds wouldn't be from the Ashby area would they ? Fester
  4. Time to hang my hat up

    Wayne Dont you mean Ex senior guide guide Eardly as ive been informed by wadas............:stir: Looking at your profile pic Wayne is that andy laying naked infront of your rifle :twisted: You wait till he reads this.... Jayb looks like im gonna have to send you some more pics of me again. Did...
  5. Time to hang my hat up

    On nights this week Andy :-( back on days next thank god. Brough the winter knee plumage is coming on nicely, I'll try get a pic for you and post it up, it's been a whole since you experienced them ain't it Fester
  6. Time to hang my hat up

    You buggers, The lot of ya :fester: Well I just want to thank everyone for there comments and offers, Your all very kind gents indeed so thank you. Well I've decided to keep the rifle in the cabinet, I've got 2 years left on my ticket and a lot can happen in that time I suppose and I know I'm...
  7. Time to hang my hat up

    Ahhhhh Aunty, The twinkle in my eye will never fade for Aunty :) thanks gents for trying to persuade me, it seems to be working again, I know I'll probably regret selling up but it just really gets to me not using the bloody thing for what I bought it for, it's like owning a race bike and never...
  8. Time to hang my hat up

    Well after many many sleepless nights thinking about this ive decided its time to hang my hat up and sell up. I would just like to say a big thank you to some fellow stalkers on here that ive had many a good laughs with over the years, Malc, andy, wadas, You know who you are :D Had some...
  9. My First Pig

    Ficken hell, Wadas i can see that tag in its ear as well mate! Its one of them escaped packington pigs aint it :lol: Terry lad you'll be sick of the sight of bacon after "Stuffing that pig" mate :shock: Fester
  10. My First Pig

    Ay Up andy, will get some nice "Beef" steaks out of that 1 :lol: Fester
  11. My First Pig

    Sodding hell tarry lad, you better inform the farmer you shot 1 of his livestock. Like the heading mate.........Im sure its not the "1st pig youve had" :lol:
  12. A few more snaps of the SD week 2010

    Well Looks like all had an excellent week up in scotland by the sounds of it:) Just wanted to say well done to everyone who took part in it and all who took a beast over the week. Andy has told me all about his "Senior Guide" Status:lol: Well done mate. Its a real good feeling when you get...
  13. I would like to take the opportunity to say

    Thanks all:D JAYB.............50! You cheeky sod, Its a good job im not up there with the lads this year or id make you suffer my hairy knees again :lol: Hope your well buddy. Im sick im not up there again this week with you lads. I had a downer day yesterday knowing that andy and wadas were...
  14. weekend in sussex ( my first buck)

    Well done andy, I had a feeling you would strike lucky this weekend mate:-D Sounds like you had a good laugh as usual and the cake tasted good from what i have heard................Ooops:-D Hope to see you all soon chaps Fester
  15. Smileys

    :fester::fester::fester::fester: Well well well ive hit headlines again by the looks of it. Brill mate absoloutly brill:lol: You wait till uncle malc and wadas sees this little beauty :fester: Fester
  16. Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter - Advice

    Hi Bob, Just got off the phone to tikka308 (Andy) And he tells me your only 20 min drive from my house. If you fancy having a go with both my steyr and tikka your more than welcome to come over mate. Fester
  17. Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter - Advice

    I have both a, Pro hunter Mk2 and a tikka T3. I would go for a pro hunter any day over the tikka. My Pro hunter is fantastic rifle, Extremely accurate and shoots most factory ammo with no complaints. The stock is a lttle flexy but no more than any other synthetic stocked rifle on the market and...
  18. Guess who

    Ash absoloutly F***ing brilliant mate, made me **** :lol: Malc Next time were down on our leases with ya mate ;) im taking my M1A1 Thompson and do a couple of drive by's through the woods, or we could just wait for the fallow heards to gather and grass the lot :lol: JAYB Will i have to put 3...
  19. Guess who

    Andy you bugger, Your a dead man and better start running:-D Not sgt Bilko JAYB, Just saving private ryan and band of brothers set :roll: Fester
  20. off to a good start

    csl Its great aint it mate8) Ash243 sent it over to me to use:twisted: Fester
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