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  1. duck shooting

    shooter shoots a duck overhead one day as it falls it lands on adjacent farm owners roof rolls and lands in his yard, so shooter strolls over to retrieve the bird ,as he enters yard the owner comes out and bollocks him and asks what the hell he,s doing ,i,ve come to pick up my duck he says ,the...
  2. ngo latest on exercise from thursday.

    Covid-19 - Angling Trust ttps:// , cant get the linky to work for the second bit but you can look it up on there. New guidance on exercise during the national lockdown in England
  3. ngo news
  4. Lockdown hoedown

  5. wanted z aim sling

    as above Z AIM SLING money waiting ,and yes i,ve checked the shops everyone has sold out. cheers ;)
  6. gunshops

    Just a quickie anyone know of any gun shops within an hour of me WIGAN area that has any 7mm08 factory ammo in and is actually open for business only need a box to start till i pick some dies up,i tried that shower in bolton but the phone just goes dead when i click on it. plus i think tim at...
  7. Thank you

    Just a quick thank you to a gentleman in yorkshire who kept his word and kept hold of a rifle for me till i could get across and pick it up FTF Jimmy milnes once again thank you jimmy.atb doug.:tiphat:
  8. gmp

    Anyone know if they are working yet?spoken to them lateley?, no news since march. TIA
  9. oops

  10. For those that can,t wait.

    Nice little video without headbanging crap over the top of it. ENJOY.
  11. grass cutting

    BRADFORD COUNCIL may have given permission allegedly, for grass cutting on the moors nr bradford in the middle of nesting season for the wild birds, wheres packham now ? film of them cutting on f sports channel
  12. Interesting Video

  13. Tom Moore

    Oldest person to get to number one! ,BLOODY STAR!:tiphat:
  14. something to watch

    .musics a pain but.

    As above lee zip trim as new in box with the three jawed universal chuck , cant get on with it myself ,rather do them with hand tools or in press lee trim die. not being used so its going. 15quid posted. paypal ok . same as this without hand tools obviously.
  16. speers 140s

    A long shot pardon the pun ,has anyone got any lurking around in a corner gathering dust by any chance 140gr soft points 6x5x55, i think they are no 1441. i had a dozen someone gave me to try and they where bang on,:thumb:cheers in advance.
  17. Cold walk

    I am not one for writing but i thought i would put this on, back story the lad i share shooting with had a problem, the owner had pulled him and asked if he could take his mate out for the day well he couldn,t really say no seeing as its hes land ,anyway three weeks later my mate rings in a...
  18. collet neck die

    Just a quick question on weather it is worth me changing to collet neck die instead of full length sizing ,just to make my brass last a little longer? would it be worth it to buy one for my 6x5 as its stalking rifle only.
  19. when we where young.

  20. ngo