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  1. Sold: Gun cabinet ( 4 rifle / shotgun)

    Gun cabinet for 4 rifles / shotguns ( I did have 3 rifles and 3 shotguns in it ) 2 x 5 lever security locks 1 set of keys . I had it a few years but it’s in good condition (bought another rifle so needed a larger one !) Small area of surface rust as shown in picture Buyer collects £50
  2. DSC1 Dorset area

    Anyone know of any DSC1 courses in the Dorset area ?
  3. Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Waterproof Jacket

    Has anyone tried one of these Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Waterproof Jacket
  4. What’s in your bag ?

    What do you carry with you when out stalking ?
  5. Tikka T3 sling and swivels

    Any recommendations for a sling and swivels for a tikka t3 ? Pete
  6. Stalking in Dorset

    Anyone know of any stalking in the Dorset area ? Pete
  7. Mauser M18 .308

    Hi Anyone have any views on these ? Reviews seem pretty good. I’m thinking of getting one when my renewal finally arrives ( hopefully today !!) Pete
  8. Anchutz model 54 target rifle

    Hi.Just wondering if anyone knows what these are worth I have not used it for 20 plus years ! Pete
  9. Newbie

    Hi. ive been reading several threads mainly about what rifle and calibre etc ! I use s Ruger .243 I’ve done a little stalking ( mainly from high seat ) in the New Forest , sadly the land owner has now sold up and moved so I lost that looking forward some in the Dorset area . Have applied for a...
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