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  1. Omricron B

  2. Wanted: 22LR scope

    What have you got in the back of the cupboard? old banger preferred but...
  3. Sold: POLARIS Quad 350cc - Oxfordshire, £2000.00

    Selectable 4wd 1,628 miles 2006 road registered Sold with 12 months MOT Sold with new service New battery Front winch Tow bar £2000.00
  4. Defra - On line Survey, The Ivory Act

    The Ivory Act 2018, which received Royal Assent in 2018, will introduce one the toughest bans on elephant ivory sales in the world and showcase the UK as a global leader in animal conservation. When commenced, it will ban the dealing of items made of, or containing elephant ivory, regardless of...
  5. I like Country and Western!

    I like Country and Western!, well now I do?

    Explained clearly here
  7. So, what about those rescued tigers? MrP

    Interesting read, naughty boy...
  8. Hold a public inquiry into Government contracts granted during Covid-19

    Petition here £43 billion in who's pocket!
  9. The Goons


    a big un and a little un to go with my middle un He's bloody good at it is that 'ALAN JOHNSON' chap
  11. A German guy approaches a prostitute

    A German guy approaches a prostitute. "I vish to buy zex vit you" "OK" says the girl, "I'll charge £50 an hour". "Ist goot, but I must varn you, I am a little kinky". "No problem", she replies cautiously, "I can do a little kinky". So off they go to the girls flat, where the German produces four...
  12. Gloucestershire 3 weeks for a variation...

    Weldone to the team over there in Quedgeley
  13. Air Rifle from 1780!

  14. I just can't click the button...

    When it say's 'CHINA' I have always been adverse as a British Engineer but now I find I will go without (until our industry relearns) is it just me?
  15. C-19 is man made

  16. World Naked Gardening Day - 2nd MAY!!

    Time to test the high seat in the garden me thinks
  17. Further to my thread on dinosaurs spotted

    first thread dinosaurs I'm still seeing strange things!! Matchstick Men and Women now...
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO johngryphon

    To my mate in Australia, JG - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - thank you for your friendship and content to this forum from me a fellow Taurean He won't mind me saying that he is 68 years of age on the 26th tomorrow (today over there) I'll have a few tonight with you as you do your morning logon on here -...
  19. Informative Horizon BBC Two programme

    Investigating the scientific facts and figures behind the biggest public health crisis in living memory as a new coronavirus takes an unprepared world by storm. LINK I thought it was interesting...
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