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  1. Remmington 6 1/2 small rifle primers for.223

    Picked up some remmington 6 1/2 small rifle primers, apparently they are suited for the likes of .22 hornet max 40,000 psi want to use them for my .233 max 55,000 Cci 400 primers that are for .233 are identical in wall thickness cup size, so question is am I OK to use these for my .223?
  2. Isle of arran

    Hello all just looking for some good advise first time to go up to arran I've been picked to do the south beat on the isle along with a good freind to do the Hinds last cull week in February picking off the left overs!
  3. Alaskan frontier dmax channel

    So who else watches this channel Love watching them going hunting in the wilderness and mountain scenery wether it's moose elk deer black bear But can't help thinking why they take shots freestanding no rest or support and they miss quite a lot aswell even take shots from sitting on there horse...
  4. Tighter grouping without mods

    So was having a play the other day at the range 100yds and decided to take my mod off to see if I could shake the teeth out my jaw, and witnessed a strange and rare phenomenon with my rifle it was actually shooting tighter groups around 1/2 Moa compared to the usual 1and a half moa which I'm...
  5. .223 for roe in england

    So just been thinking why we can't use a .222 .223 caliber for roe in england we all know it's a very capable round of doing the job perfectly legal for our Scottish freinds! Think the census is down here is that it is better going in over gun'd than under but is it under seems to be in our...
  6. Muntjac head prep

    Anyone in south sw essex that can do a muntjac boil and prep for me, done a couple myself but a bit awkward where I am
  7. Wanted: EFAAW+F

    My old cert is due to expire early June so would like to renew before then, any courses running in essex or neighbouring counties would be great any info would be appreciated cheers fellas
  8. Gralloch incinerating places

    Farmer don't want gralloch left out on land Looking for somewhere I can take the gralloch legs head and all Looking to incinerate, can any one recommend a farm with an incinerator or somewhere where I can pay to have it disposed of Looking south Essex somewhere. Cheers in advance
  9. Layman pro 500 scales

    So I've got these scales and somehow lost the counterweight and beam weight marker , don't ask me how as I'm still at a loss and scratching my head, I've had a look on Internet for spare parts, but am I right in thinking the only way forward is to buy a new set of scales? Any thought much...
  10. For Sale: Anaconda chokes for benelli supernova and berretas

    Long time sold my benelli supernova, and have these left lying around they retail around £100 each I'm happy to take £90 for both Ones a medium range and ones a long range for steel shot
  11. Little acorn 5310a trail cam (2014).

    Just looking in to getting my first trail cam and came across this, has any one else got one or had a play with one. Seems like a good trail cam for the price, what I'm curious about is the standard 840nm to the more covert 940nm. I would like to go for the 940nm but am put off by them not...
  12. Tx14 thermal imageing scope

    Just been looking on you tube to see if I could get all the gore on the Yukon photon as am interested in one , but didn't want to waste my money if they weren't all that , I came across the tx14 thermal imageing scope just wondering if anyone else seen these, and any body currently using the...
  13. .223 remmington neck dent

    I've just put a box of remmington psp .223 through my tikka. On looking at the emptys the case mouth is out of shape with a small scratch on the necks. I assume this is happening on ejecting the case. Anybody got any ideas about this?
  14. Tight chamber and reloading

    Been told that my rifle has a tight chamber (tika t3 hunter 6.5x55) that's why I'm having trouble closing the bolt on my reloads. I've neck sized and they weren't too bad. I double neck sized and they felt a bit better. I went and see a reloading master. Who is apparentley god when it comes to...
  15. Brass head damage

    I've not long been reloading and am finding that when closeing the bolt (which can be quite difficult) it is marking the case head. Anybody shed some light on this. Thanks
  16. Tikka t3 stainless schmit&bender set up how much you think it's worth

    Looking at a second hand tikka today in local gun shop, just wanted to run it past you fellas, see if its a bit pricey or not , I'm thinking its border line ( not bad but not good)! this is the set up tikka t3 stainless 1in8 twist (looks in excellent condition but couldn't tell me how many...
  17. Land clearance shooting from high seats

    Been on to the met now for quite some time about trying to get someone out to have a look at getting this land passed off for bigger caliber rifle shooting from high seat , I've sent emails ages ago explaining what I want and why, i printed off the emails and sent them along with my fac when I...
  18. .17hmr what a (cracking)round!

    Kinda worrying! All but one from the same batch 9 out of 80 shots fired, the bottom one there was a delay of about a second between the primer fireing and the bang, just got my cheek off the stock before it rattled off!
  19. Thermal imager

    Looking at getting a flir ps24 thermal imager, has anyone had or used one of these or similar, how good are they how would you rate them?
  20. Refused open ticket

    I've just been refused my open ticket, I have been told the officer responsible is not available to give the reason why. I have jumps through all the hoops that they have wanted of me to posses my newly acquired cf rifle, I have recently passed my dsc1, I sent them a signd letter from a mentor...
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