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  1. Sold: Tier One FTR Bipod aluminium version with picatinny adaptor

    The missing "screw" is actually a small tactile knob which can be seen in pics 3 and 4. They can be purchased from Tier One for a couple of pounds. They perform no function other than tactility and aesthetic. The item does not come in its original box, hence the price. The picatiiny adaptor is...
  2. For Sale: PVM-21 Chronograph

    Still in its original box. Manufactured in Germany by Werner Mehl. Highly regarded. All working complete with CD Rom for windows and all plugs and cables present. Collection Lincs or can post. £225ono +£10p+p
  3. Sold: Tier One FTR Bipod aluminium version with picatinny adaptor

    Used a handful of times. Missing one of the small screws from the height adjustor (they do not effect function - see pics). Other than that all in good working order. Welcome to view Lincs area or can send signed for. £180 + £10 p+p
  4. For Sale: Lovex DO63 and DO37.2 powders ideal for 300BLK

    I had these for loading 300AAC Blackout in both sub and supersonic variants. Now surplus to requirements D063 1.8 kilos DO37.2 0.99kilos Collection only, Lincs (about 10m south east of Lincoln). £125 for the lot.
  5. Sold: Cutting Edge 130gn 30cal monolithic Raptor expanding projectiles

    I have 350 of these for sale. I had them for my 300BLK but now sold it. Ideal for that caliber or for light load 308win. £120 +£10 p+p or collect lincs area.
  6. For Sale: Hornady SST 225gn 338 Cal #33202

    Used 5 rounds out of the box but now surplus to requirements. £45 collected lincs area or posted + £8
  7. Sold: Various 30cal hunting bullets

    Bought for some testing but now switched to monolithics. Each pack has had between 5-10 bullets used. Hornady V-Max 110gn Hornady SST 125gn x 2 Sierra 135gn Varminter HP Sierra Pro Hunter 125gn Nosler Ballistic Tip 125gn Approx 500 bullets in total £130 collected Lincs area or will send for...
  8. The day we all dread........

    Very sorry to hear that.
  9. At its worst....manipulation in captive deer antler growth.

    Where can I buy the "electronic probe". Asking for a friend..
  10. Difficult neighbour

    Has he been told you are there and what you are doing? If not I guess he just thinks someone is up to no good. I would go and visit him in the day, get his number and let him know when you plan to go.
  11. PDS1 Certificate & Proficient Deer Stalker Training vs DSC1

    Im offering BS1 and BS2 - Electric Boogaloo. Only 3k each. I have several medals for heroism. I also run a club called the Caprisun club. It provides people who have too much money with a means to get rid of the money. PM for details.
  12. Is it unreasonable . . .

    What was the context of his stay. If you invited him for a holiday then I guess he did nothing wrong. If he asked to stay for some reason then his behaviour was poor.
  13. Ivermectin, for the interested

    Dr Mobeen Sayed. When you google him you find that some search results have been removed and the others are promotions from pseudo scientific conspiracy websites. I think ill reserve judgement on anything he says! If a Dr goes against the grain of all other Drs and scientists and has a very...
  14. Was it hunted and stalked?

    Where did that get shot? Chernobyl i'm guessing..
  15. PDS Level 1?

    Maybe he can tell us all how to shoot those big, scary domesticated lynx cats while they eat catfood out of a bowl under a caravan.
  16. Dipping a toe into reloading

    Im advocating it. And I do also shoot in my spare time. All work can be stressful. I still have a lot to get done and targets to hit (metaphorically and literally). There are still dicks at work that I have to deal with!
  17. Dipping a toe into reloading

    M My full time job is shooting.
  18. Dipping a toe into reloading

    I guess it depends on the person. For me an hour or so in the evening spent quietly reloading is a healthy and relaxing mental break from a stressful day.
  19. Sold: .223 77gn Sierra matchking x680

    680 x .223 77gn Sierra Matchking bullet heads. I no longer have a .223 so these are surplus to requirement. Looking for £150ono. I am in the Lincs area. Welcome to collect or I can send via post for an extra £8 signed for. These go for around £170 per 500 currently so thats a bargain for someone.
  20. Dipping a toe into reloading

    I really enjoy reloading. Its very "zen"! I also get great pleasure from shooting when I have made the rounds myself. And good factory ammo isnt always available but components are.
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