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  1. Help preparing head

    Hi all. I'm in East Sussex and wondered if anyone would be willing to help with a fallow skull prep. Shot one the other day and want to do a mount? Thanks! ESussex
  2. E.Sussex Game Dealers

    Hello all, Does anyone have a recommendation n for a game dealer in East Sussex that will take Fallow,Roe or Muntjac? Thanks for any suggestions in advance... E.Sussex
  3. Chilling

    Hi all. What are recreational stalkers using to chill their shot deer? Need something large enough for a fallow. E.Sussex
  4. Carcass transport

    Hi all. What is everyone using for carcass transport in their vehicles? Particularly interested in sizes to fit fallow or sika.
  5. Mauser vs Sako

    Quick straw pole on 2 rifles and I'm considering in 30-06 Mauser M12 Impact vs Sako 85 S/S Which one would people go for and why? Thanks!
  6. 2 or 1

    Have a dilemma. 2 slots to fill and torn between 2 separate rifles or a switch barrel option. Thoughts on pros/cons. Recommendations?
  7. Fallow Bucks

    Looked out the window to see a couple of Fallow bucks squaring up to each other. They've put a rutting stand right in view of the kitchen window. Good show!
  8. Opinions Please

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a new rifle. I'd be interested in hearing about pro's and cons on the following choices: a) Sako 85 b) Sauer 404 c) Blaser R8 pro success Mainly used for deer but might take it out after the occasional fox.
  9. Roe Buck in the shade

    Hi All, There are not many roe around the part of East Sussex where I live but they appear to be getting a foothold. Plenty of Fallow to compete with them for food must be one reason why they are not more widely established. I am lucky enough to get the few that do manage to hold their own...
  10. South Devon Stalking

    Can anyone recommend a reputable provider of paid stalking in South Devon. Close to the South Hams area if possible....?
  11. New 308

    All, I'm looking to get a new 308 rifle. Mainly used for high seat and maybe a little woodland work. What's the most accurate factory rifle out there in your varied experience? Not a reloader so looking for something that groups well with a variety of factory ammunition?
  12. Genetic Antler Malformation

    Has anyone else seen similar characteristics to the following in Fallow around Sussex? A number of the bucks have one fully formed (palmated) antler and one spike on the opposite side. They are not injured so I am thinking its a genetic trait. Some pics to illustrate what I mean.
  13. Roe in the Garden

    Through the winter there have been a number of Roe making appearances in the garden. They've been coming in groups of 4-5. They seem quite comfortable and are even happy to come right up to the house as these 2 did...
  14. Snowy day

    After last night's dusting of snow the ground looked pretty wintery this morning. Once it thawed the local raiding squad emerged to have a go at my garden again...
  15. Hello all

    Hello all and Happy New Year. I'm new to deer stalking and looking to learn as much as I can. I've done my DSC1 as I thought it would be a good move. I'd like to get the DSC2 done this year. Also, looking to get as much practical experience as I can so any ideas would be greatly appreciated...