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  1. Black box where video should be!

    Hi, please help. I used to be able to see videos in posts, now only a black box come up. Any ideas? Many thanks. PS....I have refreshed Flash Player, and can see you tube.
  2. ATV Rifle case.

    Hi, Does any one know of a hard case that can be attached to side of quad, that will take a moderated (T8), scoped (56mm) rifle (Tikka t3.) Many thanks. Duncs.
  3. Avergae dealer price paid for game.

    from countryside alliance update, winter 2010, page 14, Roe....122p/lb Fallow....112/lb Muntjac....72p/lb Maybe I had a late night, but if we times these by 2.2 to get into pence/kg roe...268p/kg Fallow...246p/kg muntjac....158p/kg These are meant to be average dealer price paid in...
  4. Gloves.

    Any advice?? For mainly work in the extreme cold?? Been using ex army NI gloves, but a little bulky(but very good.) What do you guys use??
  5. deer chiller on ebay.

    Nothing to do with me, but some of you guys might want it!!!!
  6. Transporting rifles

    Just wondering what you guys use to transport your rifle when moving to/from/around land. Do you just put them in the footwell,or on the back seat. (Not talking long distances in a case, just the sort of daily, 5 mins down road or around permissions. I see in the states there are racks that...
  7. Loadng Deer

    I was wondering what people use to load the larger deer into the trailor/truck. ( Ones that can not be lifted125kg plus.) Thanks in advance.
  8. Countryside Alliance.

    Not going into the "rights and wrongs" but......just looked at my bank statement and saw they had taken out a direct debit. I am a member for insurance purpose, but put their letters in the bin!! To my horror, when I rang, the ( I must say, very nice and polite) person at the end of the line...
  9. sorry repeated!! do you delete a post!! Thanks.
  10. Aldi...olive/black Gaiters And no....I don't work for, have any connection or finacial interest in Aldi!!!
  11. Decoy....Now come on!!!

  12. Muntjac and Fox.

    Have just been speaking to a local farmer, that swears he saw a munjac and fox playing/cohabiting. Another local told him this is quite common....veiws please.
  13. Sporting Rifle...late gralloch.

    Firstly I love the magazine, so this is not a put down...merely a comment. Page 51 sept issue."the buck is safely in the back of the landrover with the clock barely passed 9.00am." I'll gralloch him later today"....should the gralloch not be performed asap??? Lucky land owners get the meat!!!
  14. Buttolo call....blocking holes??!!

    On the instructions, it suggests if useing one handed to block the two side holes with bits off wood. Does any one do this, and also do you extend the little ball on the end or push it in??? Thanks.
  15. What is a cull buck???

    When under exam conditions!!! and ot on your land??? Sorry for original deleting post, but for the good of site, and my blood presure I am just going to stick to stalking my beasts!! It doesn't matter what went on in my case, but the AW thought it ok....the assesor not. Who is right??
  16. Sorry for having an itch with the deer dog.

    I have scratched it!!! Deer dog and shagging...take a look!!
  17. Excited deer dog.

    Got sent this, made me too![/url][/img]
  18. Harris bi-pod.

    Just wondering if any one knows what the gold keyring thing is for on the bipods!! Thanks.
  19. Deer Droppings.( Now with photos!)

    Hi, has any one got pictures, or know where I can get to look at pictures of deer droppings. I have just been on a walk, and spotted the biggest droppings I have seen in this area......hoping that they could be reds, as reds have been seen 5 miles away, but no closer!!! Fingers crossed...
  20. C W D....

    Hi, looking for some advice on shooting cwd. Will be taking a farmers son out on his farm, just been informed that he has an abundance of Munty, and cwd. What is the best way of shooting them. Highseat work, or stalking. The conversation has been based largley on marshes at the edge of...
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