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  1. If you had to nominate one thing...?

    One thing A friend gave me a bit of rope/cord with a small pulley at one end. For years I'd been staggering around the wood trying to find a likely tree to hang the fallow from, getting covered in blood and guts and stuffing up my back. Now it's a piece of cake to get them into the tree...
  2. For Sika lovers everywhere

    Website I've been on that site and just don't seem to get along with it. I'll dig out some of my photos and see if any of them can compete with Stag's on this site. Don't hold your breath!! Stu
  3. Deer Stalking Holidays

    5 Star As JBAY quite rightly says, we're all different, with different tastes and preferences. However, unlike JBAY, I can think of nothing better than a mixture of stalking and 5 Star accommodation. I've camped in woods before, I've stayed in 'stalkers' caravans before - and had a great...
  4. Deer Stalking Holidays

    Jean Jean I like your style (I'm a sucker for a strong woman)!! As we all know, being allowed to stalk is about having 'banked' enough brownie points to give us a pass. I know there are stalkers who have long given up on any notion of romance with their wife/girl friend, who won't have a...
  5. Fallow bucks are more alert

    What age At what age are fallow when they have the biggest heads? If they live up to 16 years, my guess is that the biggest bucks must be between 10-14'ish. Is this right? ATB Stu
  6. Season extension bad news for deer welfare?

    300wsn wrote: This sounds like sensible advice to me. Thanks.
  7. Man arrested for sex with deer

    I was doing a bit of 'Googling' today and came across this story - You've got to admire his defense lawyer's argument, and just when you think it can't get anymore ridiculous, you get to the last line of the story... Only...
  8. Now she understands...

    I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart.... One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into...
  9. Leave the bucks until after the rut

    I met up with a couple of stalkers at a recent country show. After mentioning that I've got a few good roe buck on my patch, one of them said I should think about leaving them until after the rut. I've never done this before. What's other stalkers opinions?
  10. A seletion of recipes

    I've only used the venison and chocolate recipe from the Shooting Times website, but it was really good. The others look like they may be worth trying too. Stu
  11. Freezer Burn

    Has anyone got any good ideas to prevent venison which is packed in freezer bags and put in the freezer from getting 'burnt'? Thanks.
  12. Why less recoil?

    6.5x55 [Responding to Watermain] If you're as happy with your Sako 6.5 x 55 as I am with mine, you'll be a very, very happy man. I've only tried a few of the calibres available, .243, .270 etc, but I went for a 6.5 and it would take a lot of convincing me to change now. I also recently...
  13. Blaser Rifles

    I heard an interesting stat this week. What rifle do you think is the biggest selling sporting rifle throughout Europe? The title of the post gives it away! It's the Blaser R93. I don't have one and nor do any of my friends, but I'd be interested in hearing any feedback from anyone who has...
  14. A bit of humour

    All the other clips are a little 'heavy', so I thought I'd add this. You have to translate what the lions say at the end.
  15. Why less recoil?

    Recoil Hi Jason Now the question about the recoil from a moderatored rifle being less is easier to answer I think - it weighs more, therefore absorbs more of the energy (inertia etc) and cuts down on muzzle flip. Shooting my moderatored 6.5x55 with 120g bullets is like firing a .22 now...
  16. Why less recoil?

    Can anyone explain why a 308 firing 120grn bullets with a muzzle velocity of 3000 should produce more recoil than a 6.5x55 firing the same bullet at the same speed. Someone from the BDS tried to explain it to me and it all got very confusing. You do hear people say that the 308 'kicks like a...
  17. Bullet choice

    I've just been reading all the comments about whether smaller centrefire calibres should be made legal in the UK. There's an interesting one on there from Willie (a Scot) who has shot deer with smaller calibres to great effect and what he's saying is true. However, I like to have a little...
  18. Certificate Mis-information

    Yesterday, I was talking to someone who is keen to get into stalking, has been out with other stalkers many times and is thinking about applying for a Firearms Cert. He phoned up the BASC for a chat about the fact that he didn't have any stalking rights and how best to get around this...
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