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  1. Sold: RCBS 5.0.5. Scales

    RCBS 5.0.5. Scales boxed, new and unused. £ 70 + p&p. Located in Ayrshire. Untitled by Gordon Hay, on Flickr
  2. 243 speer 85 grain btsp H414 loads?

    Does anybody have any experience of reloading H414/speer 85 grain btsp in 243 for Roe? This'll be my first go at reloading (for my Howa 1500 sporter).
  3. Kennel Suggestions

    I'm looking to get a kennel and run and would welcome any tips or recommendations. I'm looking to kennel 2 GWP bitches seperately - prone to scrap a bit - so am looking for a double unit; a good solid sleeping compartment and a galvanised 6ft run. Any advice on suppliers, price etc would be very...
  4. Bullets

    Can anyone give me some advice. I am selling one of my rifles, I have an opened box of federal rounds for which I will have no further use. What is the legal position on handing these over with the rifle to the new owner?
  5. SW Scotland Game Dealers

    Can anyone recommend a Game Dealer in Ayrshire or nearby?
  6. 100 gr 243 for Howa?

    Can anyone recommend a factory 100 grain bullet that shoots well in a 243 Howa 1500 sporter? Thinking of using mine on the does/hinds over the winter.
  7. insuance

    I posted this in the deer-dog section as well; can anyone recommend dog insurance services that offers cover to working dogs?
  8. insurance

    Can anyone recommend dog insurance services that offers cover to working dogs?
  9. another new one

    Hello, been lurking for some time thought I'd take the plunge and join up. Been stalking for a year or two - still very much a novice. Live in Ayrshire with a bit of FC ground in Galloway. Shoot a Howa 243 in a wild dog stock and a stainless/synth Sako 75 in 6.5x55. Have a couple of GWP's...
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