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  1. Aldi spray on waterproofer

    Been to Aldi today and they had some spray on waterproofer for your clothes at only £1.99 a can! sorry if its already been mentioned in an earlier post but thought you might want to no.
  2. Advice on Weatherby Vanguard anyone got one??

    Hi guys went into Garlands, my local shop looking at a new stalking rifle and they swore by the Weatherby vanguard! they have a good deal on them with a Zeiss 6x42, mounts, gun slip and sling for a Grand!! I thought it was a good deal?? i looked at the stainless/synthetic and it looks very nice...
  3. variation of fac question

    Hi everyone been reading this sight for a while now and can't believe how friendly it seems so i've took the plunge and registered! now can i ask a question to all those experienced peeps out there? okay here goes, I hold an fac but sold my 308 and 243 a couple of years back.basically now i'm...
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