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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. 7mm Rem. Mag. PPU Brass

    Now that surprises me. I recently owned a Sako M995 in 7mm Rem Mag. It came with some Norma and Weatherby brass but i couldnt confirm number of loads, etc. I bought some PPU brass from Kranks with which to achieve a basis but wouldn't rate it after a few loadings.
  2. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

    Christ but there's a lot of bollox spread about Chesapeakes . Granted, there are bad ones out there. Usually owned by bad, incompetent owners. Anyone who's owned and trained a pointer, BMH or similar strong willed dog can easily work one. The thing to remember is that if you loose your temper...
  3. Patterdale terrier mental health issues

    Watch the dog very carefully. We had one who started developing different behaviour patterns and everyone just said they're naturally individuals or outright mad. It got to a point where the dog would only climb up the stairs backwards and would only step on specific tiles in the kitchen. All...
  4. teckel

    Mental wee buggers. My mate's is always causing mayhem then wandering off whilst the bigger dogs continue the riot, it started. I once saw torment a bull. Then it'll sit in a pram and play with his young daughter, whilst she dresses it in dolly clothes and has a tea party!
  5. For Sale: 7x64 ammunition;

    Don't suppose you're ever in Scotland ?
  6. New Border Pup

    Lovely dogs - so much character. We had a great wee male from the gamekeeper on the Glen Almond Estate but I'll never have another. He developed a tumour when about 4yrs old which destroyed him mentally and physically, so quickly. Putting any dog down is horrible. But it's worse when he's in his...
  7. Sold: Tall Fridge

    Story of my life....I either just miss them or too far away.
  8. .25-06 for stalking

    Wouldn't be without my Tikka M65. It's my favourite rifle and calibre. I generally reload 117gr Hornadys but I never miss a chance to ask the smaller dealers if they have any old ammo collecting dust. Some great deals occasionally turn up due to the lemmings ignoring tried and tested (old)...
  9. SuperChrono.

    I've owned one for years. Can't fault it provided you ensure that it's level and pointed directly along the line of sight. I think it's best feature is that you can mount it, at the target. Thereby confirming velocity at point of impact.
  10. Motorcycles

    Ducati.....somebody has gotta love them. We've all had our bouts of madness. I still think that the 998 is the most beautiful bike ever, but it's hell for anyone over 5ft to ride. I've long since realised that riding a bike isn't something to be endured. I now have a Triumph Trophy 900 for...
  11. Beagles for family pet and tracking?

    My mate has a beagle. His wife ordered it because his kid liked a film where a young boy had one. As it grew , it was obvious how scent driven the pup was so Andy spent the next couple of years trying to train it. He got plenty of exercise and the dog proved to be one hard headed little f****r...
  12. Anyone recognise this Tikka bolt knob?

    Try cycling the bolt in sub zero conditions, with gloves or mitts on. It's really does make it easier. I have a simple black rubber one on the rifle I use in Europe.
  13. Molly HWV.

    Sorry to hear of your loss. I had to do the same with the old man last week. My 16 years old chessie. The loss has effected me more than I could have imagined so I understand how you're feeling.
  14. Available: Syndicate places mull of kintyre

    Oh god, this old chestnut. Why can't some folks see a local with the ability to keep an eye on the ground and quickly pop over if there's ever a need, as a benefit? A policy purely driven by insecurity. Totally avoided by establishing simple booking rules - one booking per stalker at a time...
  15. Beating the wife.......

    Completely missed your first mistake. You admitted to having more than one rifle. Buy yourself an over-size bag or case and then you can come and go with as many as you want. The colour, stock, calibre and configuration may change , but it's only ever 'the rifle.'
  16. F.C. deer dog standard

    Christ but I'm so glad someone else agrees. I can't go to the toilet without having to lock my 1yr old bitch out. I've never known such a tactile breed.
  17. Kimber 84m in .243 winchester

    I had one. I went through a phase of wanting a light, quick handling rifle. Can't say I really noticed much of a difference by the time I'd mounted a scope and moderator. You'll take a hammering when selling on.
  18. First .270 ...

    Ask a dozen stalkers and youll get a dozen opinions. I personally prefer older Tikka and Sako rifles 1970-80s. I consider them built to a standard rather than modern rifles, which are built to a price. I may even be right, but that doesnt mean that my recommendation is right for you. Theres no...
  19. Two bad baastards

    **** that! Never had an issue with snakes until sent to Belize. Seemed like the *******s were everywhere. Grumpy Get De Lance snakes that would refuse to back off and sneaky Vipers that would follow the rats , who were eating the waste. My mate was a Tommy Gof magnet. He got bit twice.
  20. Dog choice- Bitch or dog.

    I'd pick a bitch every time. Dogs **** everywhere.
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