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  1. Sold: 3 Tubs Winchester Staball 6.5(Creedmoor)

    Initially designed for the CM and the 7-08, I have 3 tubs of the Winchester STaball 6.5 . £30.00 a tub.. I travel to Dumfries/ Halifax/Nantwich on a regular basis. Would swop for a tub of Vit 530..
  2. 1 shotgun 2 SGC's

    What is the process for having one gun on 2 SGc's? G
  3. Old Remmy 700 Model?

    Just got a Remmy 700 with a strange configuration. It has a slot on the rear mount where I believe a stripper clip would slot in, it has no guide slots on the bolt lugs, and there are 2 screw holes blanked off on the rear lefthand side, the trigger has what looks like two blades in...
  4. Wanted: Remmy 700 L/A mag conversion

    Has anyone got a mag conversion for a 700 L/A preferably metal..
  5. For Sale: 3 x Remington L/A stocks

    1 x Wood stock, bedded, good crisp chequering, forend cap needs re-finishing. 2 x synthetic stocks, 1 in primer with no but pad the other has just come off a rifle. £40 for all 3 + postage.
  6. Sold: Fabarm XLR5 Velocity

    I am selling my superb Fabarm Semi Auto,adjustable stock/adjustable rib,5 chokes, shims, manual.This has been designed by Ceasar Guerini and the quality shows superb wood and it functions flawlessly.. Just got back into wildfowling and this is far to good to take to the foreshore, so...
  7. Sold: Fortis Smock XL

    Hasn't been used for a long time, Good condition doesn't leak, small hole on top pocket see picture. £50.00 + P&P
  8. Sold: Bullets & Bushes

    5 x Forster Necking Bushes .289-.290-.291-.293-.294 £8.00 each- £30 for all 5 Peregrine bullets x 50 30 cal 136gn VLR4 £48.00 posted.
  9. For Sale: Pure black Cocker Spaniels Pups

    Pure Black Cocker Spaniels Falconry Stock 3 dogs 3 bitches Wormed/Chipped/1st Innoculation/Vet checked and ready to go.. £1200 07849782344
  10. For Sale: Sako 75 Stainless Synthetic Varmint 7-08

    As above, just been re-barreled with a quality stainless cut rifle barrel. Just test fired it and it shot sub moa,round count will be about 80. Just sending it to proof so will be available when it comes back. Has had the trigger springs done so breaks at around 18ozs 18x1 muzzle...
  11. Wanted: Remmy 700 aftermarket trigger

    Looking for an aftermarket trigger for a Remmy 700..
  12. Unable to post an item for sale

    Hi, there is no "post thread" icon on my page. regards G
  13. Wanted: Stainless picatinny rail short action.

    Looking for a stainless rail for a project, will get machined down so what it fits doesn't matter as long as there is enough meat left on it after machining. Regards n
  14. Deer Management Grant Scotland

    A few years ago I was told about a grant for Deer Mangement and the erection of high seats. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this. I know Buccleuch got it, so it does exist..
  15. Chris Packham, please forward to your MP

    =AZUla4F7WXJK_mci0W4VtPRRiMgbRHKY9Ipn6KPCvxMktx0hUSAD-onLmUr1pkBHludTM9Iwkb0LPMa8rKuSTA2YK8N4oHMxdpEcFokSdLPM-ZjAl2JizAGUkO5oqL2Nn4Zb6WJ6T-GIv6DSvKl2T-v-rbjN0xzrqqJOfK0_UrPLgvoVfE-x68Me3l371gl7bgE&__tn__=-]C%2CP-R']Simon Grace shared a link. t2cSponhseo0rehed · Please copy and past the form...
  16. For Sale: Barnes TSX 120gn 7mm

    Barnes 7mm 120gn TSX x( 4 unopened + 1 with 41 left, 241 in total). £175 +P&P
  17. Sold: 7-08 Ackley Brass(Lapua) Free to good home.

    I think by the time I have emptied the truck there will be about 50. Just pay for the postage..
  18. Sold: Barnes tsx 7mm 175gn

    150 Barnes TSX 175gn in unopend boxes, 1/2 price @ £75.00 +P&P
  19. For Sale: Badger 35mm rings

    Badger 35mm rings. .5" from base to bottom of tube.. £95.00
  20. Wanted: Sako 75 synthetic stock for 7-08

    Looking for an aftermarket synthetic stock, already have the factory Sako synthetic stock.. regards in advance N