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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. For Sale: Sako finnfire p94s

    Sold pending the usual.
  2. For Sale: Leupold vari x 3 lr tactical 3/4 mildot matte

    Btt and price drop to £350
  3. For Sale: Sako TRG-S m995 30-06

    Thanks Ian. A kind offer but counterproductive as I’m selling kit to bolster a house deposit. The trip to Oz may be seen as frivolous by those in charge!
  4. For Sale: Thornproof tweed jacket

    Nice quality heavy thorn proof tweed jacket. Measurements are: collar to tail 32 1/2”, 21” across shoulders, shoulder to cuff 25” £80 posted.
  5. For Sale: Two trilby hats

    As title, one James Lock as below. Haydock trilby Size 7/12 (61), worn twice. £60 posted. One PJ powell, waterproof tweed, size 7 1/4 (59). Again, hardly worn £15 posted.
  6. For Sale: Sako finnfire p94s

    Btt. Open to offers.
  7. For Sale: Sako TRG-S m995 30-06

    Btt. Open to offers.
  8. For Sale: Wilson case trimmer

    L E Wilson case trimmer and stand. Starret micrometer adjustment, sharks fin holder, 30-06 case holder (new) plus a custom made cutter shaft that holds a primer pocket reamer so that you can do primer pockets too. The whole lot £190
  9. For Sale: Sako finnfire p94s

  10. For Sale: Sako TRG-S m995 30-06

  11. For Sale: Sako TRG-S m995 30-06

  12. .22lr setups

    Conetrol? Very sleek. 👍
  13. For Sale: Sako finnfire p94s

    Sako finnfire varmint. Varmint barrel at factory length plus one unknown mod and one 5 shot mag. I’m keeping the sporter barrel shown on the photo. £350
  14. For Sale: Sako TRG-S m995 30-06

    Sako TRG-S rebate led by Dolphin Guns to 30-06 with a 10 twist bartlein at 22”. Load development done with 140g gs customs. Data will be supplied. Brand new optilock mounts for a 50mm objective scope. Freyr and devik mod with same round count as the barrel. Good quality sling and swivels...
  15. For Sale: Leupold vari x 3 lr tactical 3/4 mildot matte

    Yes, has side focus 👍
  16. Recommend me a decent whiskey please.

    Powers Gold Label.
  17. For Sale: Leupold vari x 3 lr tactical 3/4 mildot matte

    For sale: my 4.5-14x50 leupold vari x 3 tactical. This has the covered target turrets (1/4 Moa) and the 3/4 mil dot reticle. It’s been an excellent scope, used on a variety of rifles and has always been looked after. It recently went back to leupold (lifetime guarantee) as there was some...
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