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  1. For Sale: Pulsar forward F455 & Wicked lights

    • Pulsar Forward F with Pulsar 50mm objective lens adapter. Manufactured July 2019 • Complete Wicked Hunting Lights A51iR (red, 850nm and 940nm) infrared lamp kit. All excellent condition Used on deer rifle, but now selling to pay for something more dedicated. £950 inc insured p&p offers and...
  2. For Sale: Spuhr SR 4006 picatinny rings 34mm diameter

    As above, mint condition. Fitted to a 6.5 range queen but moved over to inclined mount hence sale. Includes scope levelling wedge and platform. see pdf for tech detail inc height. £235 inc p&p PM’s please
  3. For Sale: Spuhr SR 4006 picatinny rings 34mm diameter.

    As above, mint condition. Fitted to a 6.5 range queen but moved over to inclined mount hence sale. Includes scope levelling wedge and platform. see pdf for tech detail inc height. £235 inc p&p PM’s please
  4. Italian Spinone

    Anyone out there with any experience of working Spinone on deer?
  5. Sold: Cheap pulsar thermal - Quantum HD 50s

    I’m changing my thermal spotter due to a change in the way I carry my kit. It’s old tech these days, but it still finds deer that I can’t see in the binos. It all works as it should, it’s been used and looked after. No lens or screen issues etc. Good condition or better. I’ve added a Leica neck...
  6. Sold: Primos Gen 2 sticks & rest

    As above, in good condition inc V top and the two point rest. Can’t get on with them so I’m back to the wooden quad sticks. Rest sold subject to the usual Sticks with the V top remain. £75 posted.
  7. Sold: Harkila Alta sack

    Is there one lying unloved in a corner, yearning for the wide open spaces of the windy north? I’m after one in basic green No Camo, thanks. Money waiting or a range of 6.5 mm/7mm/.338 bullets to choose from if you like a swap (or a bit of both if you’re that way out. What have you?
  8. Wanted: 7mm 140gr Gameking

    I’m after a couple of boxes of the above - code 1905. Anyone got some they’re “not using”? Cheers
  9. For Sale: 7mm-08 brass

    60 once fired PPU brass. Came as Fox factory ammo used for shooting on forestry commission land. Will be de-primed before posting. £45 delivered.
  10. Any got one of these

    Looking for real world user feedback. Considering one for working outdoors, stalking, dog walking etc etc. Does the front pocket protect binos/thermal, do the hand warmer pockets keep the bits n bobs in with the zips open?etc Anyone with experience of this jacket (have another Swazi and I know...
  11. Wanted: kydex / plastic sheath

    As above for a swing blade, existing or contact for someone to make one TIA
  12. In search of 7mm08 and 6.5 CM ammo on the shelf

    As per the title, but with the twist of needing to be non toxic/copper in flavour. Ideally in NW, but Borders or NE if it gets desperate. TIA
  13. Cumbrian Copper users

    For those interested in using/are using fox non lead ammo. Gardeners guns are considering stocking Fox ammo (don’t know about bullets for reloading). If you’re interested in purchasing some from them, get in touch with the shop to talk about calibre, quantity etc etc. I’m not affiliated with...
  14. For Sale: Lapua 308 cases and hornady modified case

    Don’t own a 308 anymore, so no point having this sitting around. Hornady modified 308 win case -£5 delivered. 140 Lapua 308 win cases. Fired twice, de primed, cleaned and annealed. £45 delivered - sold subject to usual. replies by pm please cheers
  15. Javelin bipods

    I’ve watched no end of Utube, searched and read the year old threads, read the stats and they all look lovely. Any more/new feedback from a guy that uses one, gets it muddy and thinks he’s lost it (only for a moment, before checking his other pocket!). Any real world experience of using them to...
  16. Sold: DTA srs a1 308 barrel

    Barely used ( 2-300 rounds thru). 16” 1:8 twist factory barrel (factory screw cut and protector). Just not getting a look in, the 260 rem seems to live in these days. A quality plug n play 308 option for a dta srs covert owner. £350 F2F or via Rfd cheers
  17. For Sale: 308 bullets n bits

    308 bullets Remington corelokt PSP 180gr - 1 box of 143 - £40 Barnes TSX 130 gr - 1 box of 57 - £40 GSCustom HV 130 gr lathe turned solid copper - 1 box of 95 - £80 Others Lapua 308 brass, 140 cases fired twice, deprimed, annealed and tumbled. £45 Redding 308 body die All items are plus post...
  18. Wanted: Peli 1750

    With or without foam, newer the better. what you got? contact by pm will get a better response cheers
  19. Sold: Nightforce nxs 3.5-15 x 50

    Up for sale to make space for new rifle. Mil adjustments, counter clockwise turrets, illuminated mlr2 reticle, FFP,combined side parallax & illumination turret, sunshade, bikini covers, Slight mark on edge of turret and wear mark on underside of tube but glass perfect. £1000 Questions? Post...
  20. Sold: S&B 3-20 x 50 pmii

    Up for sale as I’m having a sort out of rifles and optics to make room for new rifle. Mil reticle (P4 Fein) with mil adjustments, FFP, double turn clockwise turrets that lock, zero stop, illuminated ret, tenebraex covers on either end. Small wear marks on turrets, glass is perfect. Scope...
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