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  1. Composite stock refurbishment

    Other than replacement - What are the practical options for a composite stock that’s been used and starting to show its age? Can they be coated with any robust material? Painted? What have people done to tart up an old stock? Regards, Gixer
  2. Medal or not?

    Excuse the poor quality pics but it’s a photo of an old photo - What do you reckon?
  3. A-Tec limited lifetime warranty

    Has anyone ever used the below? And do you know if it would stand on a moderator that had been discontinued such as an A-tec Maxim?
  4. Barrels, actions, bolts.

    If someone had 2 blaser rifles, say one in .308 and then one in 6.5x47 then decided to buy a 3rd barrel only in .243, from an FAC point of view could the barrel be used on either action legally? Or is the barrel tied to the action and bolt serial number?
  5. Sierra

    Anyone else seeing a frighteningly common theme when trying to buy Sierra bullets online? Especially SP’s….seems like everywhere is out. I spoke to SGC and the lady told me if you want bullets in 2022 it would be a good idea to pre-order a few boxes now. Luckily I found a few boxes locally...
  6. Oooofff!

    Had to be sore!!
  7. How long?

    …until a pedestrian or cyclist gets wiped out….really silly change in my opinion, and I see they have introduced a 2m minimum distance for passing a horse, and if the road is not wide enough you have to wait - which is going to work really well on some of the single track back roads in the U.K.
  8. Swarovski EL Range

    Just in case anyone else has the same issue, my EL’s were not ranging, all the display was bright, and the elevation was reading ok but they just wouldn’t range for the last two trips out…turns out a new battery was all that was required! Can’t complain after 6 years! Just odd there was no...
  9. The machines are taking over!

    For some reason I noticed that in many of my posts that my iPhone seemed to be changing “and” to “abs” so I had a look online and apparently this is part of the phone learning…as it seems my sausage fingers make the error enough that my phone has learned to change and to abs…. In case anyone...
  10. 6.5cm barrel length.

    What’s the shortest barrel length a 6.5CM could have without significant performance reduction? Regards, Gixer
  11. Motoring offences

    Reading some of the comments on the license revoked due to speeding thread I though it would be interesting to see what percentage have had previous motoring convictions. I can start by saying I have in the past, an SP30 in around 2008 and a years ban in around 2000 for reckless endangerment...
  12. Any clever ideas….

    Local school needed to get rid of some table frames…(16 of) I was going to skip them for them and then I thought….could I make high seats out of them… Any clever ideas?? I was thinking two frames, welded together at the leg bottoms to make a square, bottom would be the seat, top a little...
  13. Winter solstice

    Anyone else always happy to see the shortest day past? I always feel like we’re turned a corner to nice it’s done…. Roll on still being daylight at midnight!! Regards, Gixer
  14. Moose?

    Having never shot a moose yet, I was watching an episode of Mountain Men in the the box (season 10 ep.4), and a young girl shot a bull moose…to be honest - she was wobbling about a fair bit on the sticks, and did not look comfortable…she hit it (they said in the shoulder) and then her and her...
  15. Find another tower???
  16. Make of it what you will…

    Stole this from another site. Too funny not to share: I refuse to put on winter tires because: It’s my car, my choice, my freedom. The effectiveness of winter tires is not proven, except by studies carried out by the manufacturers (you amaze me). My neighbor Robert had an accident after putting...
  17. Landward just now on BBC one scotland

    Anyone watch it? Section on deer stalking and BaSC made an appearance.
  18. Ronin…come in Ronin!

    @Ronin - sent you a couple of PM’s not sure if you are getting them? Regards, Gixer
  19. Any electricians??

    With recent events and in the interests of being prepared…I was thinking about having a swap over switch installed in the house where you can swap over from mains to a generator - these were pretty common in the US where I lived due to electrical storms where you could plug a generator into the...
  20. On for the Creedmoor lovers/haters