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  1. Sold: Tweed suit

    Derby tweed suit norfolk shooting jacket with breeks size 38-40 chest 32 waist in as new condition
  2. Sold: Shotgun slip

    Leather slip full length zip with green baise lining with cartridge bag £100 plus post
  3. Sausage skins

    Which skins are best for venison sausages natural or collagen just used some natural and not over impresed they seem a bit thick these came from butchers sundries are there any better or are they all the same
  4. 7mm bullets

    Does anyone use Hornady bullets in a 7-08 i normally use Sierra 140gr spitzers no.1910 with 42gr varget this normally produced a bang flop result but due to a shortage of sierras had to change to hornady 139gr btsp interlock same powder load results on paper ok but had a few deer run mostly not...
  5. Lakeland

    Rang Lakeland yesterday 3pm enquired about a smaller nozzle for a mincer they said sorry we no longer sell them but we have a box of bits and went for a little rummage which produced some spares for my machine two cutting discs a worm screw and the housing sum total £11.35 including postage...
  6. B.B.C.

    The clean sweep promised by the new director hasnt worked then Packham & daughter on tonight bbc2 not just a one off but a series :mad:
  7. Sold: Zabala sbs

    Zabala sport sbs 3.5in x27.5in brls 15in stock including 1in extension pistol grip single selective trigger ejector 5 chocks and spanner wt 7.25 lbs steel proof £450 this is not your usual zabala i couldnt find another for sale it has had very little use by my son who has given up shooting and...
  8. Sold: 12g O/U

    A spanish 12g o/u non ejector 70mm chambers 271/2 inch barrels full and half choke stock 143/4 to front trigger wt 6lb 12oz Pioneer make. £125 can rfd
  9. shooting bench

    Has anyone plans or dimentions for a folding shooting bench
  10. Mod for a 300 win mag

    What mods do you people with 300 win mags use a mate has just destroyed two mods and was after others opinions as to the correct mods rifle has been checked and is ok it seems the mods where not up to the challenge both failing after 5-6 shots all opinions will be passed to him thanks for your time
  11. rs50

    My tr140 is coming to an end i have been advised that rs50 swiss is a direct swap but i cant find data for 22-250 with 50gr bullets is there any one using it
  12. Spring watch

    Hurrah at last spring watch is returning to bbc2 next tuesday you have been warned even got a job for his step daughter
  13. Hair cuts

    AS per title have you all booked your hair cuts for the week after this lockdown ends or are you keeping the dredlocks or man buns not sure myself as its nearly long enough for a comb over. :-|
  14. B.B.C.

    I see the BBC have done it again Packham has his own program on sunday bbc2 8pm what happened to the new broom sweeping every thing out
  15. Sold: Baikel shot gun

    My son has asked me to offer a s.b. 12b baikel shotgun for free to a youngster or someone just starting out i would prefer collection as it would be impossible to rfd it at this moment any interest pm me your tel no. Dave
  16. Price of venison

    Aldi doing venison for christmas £29 a kilo for fillet lucky if most on here get that for a full beast (roe)
  17. GMP

    Just received a letter from gmp regarding my renewal they dont have time to prosses so have extended my fac and shotgun license renewal date is 1st Jan now extended to 1st March forms where submitted in August. Just when i thought they were getting better.
  18. Uproar a heard of roe deer shot!

    A heard of roe deer have been shot in a park in Salford article in Manchester evening news uproar by local conservationists i didnt know roe where hearding deer they are not on my bit of ground bunny huggers wanted them caught and released.
  19. Trophy hunting

    Another attack this morning itv some second rate actor on about a book detailing all the wrongs even draged up that lion again then ricky gervais had his two pence worth stupid scotish woman presenting was beside herself with outrage.
  20. Marinade

    Wanted ideas for a marinade for roe back strap to cook as kebabs.