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  1. Sold: Kuiu bino harness xl

    Second dibs if sale falls through
  2. Sold: Harkila leather sling

    You know what they say if your no quick your last. 😢
  3. Sold: Harkila leather sling

    Yes please if still available
  4. Sold: EAW QD 1inch Rings

    Hi I’ll take a set please
  5. Roe Sack liner

    Just got a cracking made To measure roe sack Liner from MikeZZZ on here. I tried for so long to get one to fit and even chanced buying the well known brands As as stop gap. but they weren’t even up to the quality of my original.
  6. For Sale: Hilux Mk7 3.0L

    Thanks I’ve been looking for a Hilux to replace my defender. I would need the diff lock for some of the ground that I need to access. all the best with your sale It looks 1st class
  7. For Sale: Hilux Mk7 3.0L

    Tried to send photo but it’s to big it’s a button with picture of wheels and an x in middle of rear ones. Some models didn’t get this feature
  8. For Sale: Hilux Mk7 3.0L

    Should be a button on dash like this
  9. For Sale: Hilux Mk7 3.0L

    Hi does that one have the rear diff lock
  10. Sold: Shooterking Huntflex Trousers XL

    Sold pending payment
  11. Sold: Shooterking Huntflex Trousers XL

    Shooterking Huntflex trousers Extra Large UK 38 waist. These are brand new with Labels and in original bag. Only tried on in house and decided I prefer the Greenland trousers. I’m looking for £150.00 posted.
  12. Notifications

    Thanks Mike appreciate that.
  13. Notifications

    Hi how can I get notified when say a new post has been made in classified sales I used to be able when it was going through Tapatalk going to my iPhone Email. The only notification I can get at moment is if someone messages me. It comes in to my emails
  14. Sold: Sauer 202 3 shot 308 magazine

    I’ll take it please
  15. Shooterking trousers

    Thanks for your input guys it’s been a great help Regards glen
  16. Shooterking trousers

    Thanks Rob that’s a great help👍
  17. Shooterking trousers

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Greenland trousers which I have and the huntflex or venatu. Apart from looks are they heavier or warmer
  18. Vortex Torque Wrench Giveaway

    132 thanks
  19. Sold: Leather ammunition wallet - 6.5CM/.243/.308/ type

    The quality of your wallets look great You have a pm