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  1. For Sale: Tracking / stalking / Deer / misc books

    I have a number of shooting related books for sale. Prices do not inlude the postage as this will be dependent on how many books someone wants. Alternatively can be collected from East Lothian. tracking dog **SOLD** try tracking the puppy tracking primer carolyn Krause £10 working with dogs...
  2. Walnut media for tumbling

    I've just bought myself a tumbler for my cases and a quick check on the Web shows it is significantly cheaper to buy walnut media from non shooting shops. Problem is, it seems to come in graded sizes such as 16/30 or 25/52 although this design lists media size in mm. What size/grade should I...
  3. Sold: Dog dummies

    I have 3 quest dog dummies still in their plastic packaging, never opened or used. 1lb, 3lb and 5lb £20 incl p&p
  4. Sold: Reloading equipment

    I have the following surplus items for sale. All are used with the exception of the trickler which is new. Any defects noted. Hornady powder trickier £10 Lyman accutrimmer (trimmer only no inserts) £25 Lee precision press (1 screw hole missing) £20 Lee safety powder scale (missing dish) £12...
  5. Sold: 3 x stocks

    I have absolutely no idea what these are from however they are gathering dust in my garage if they are of use to anyone? 2 are wooden and one is synthetic and one of the wooden ones is for a lefty. £25 for all 3 plus whatever postage is or collection East Lothian.
  6. Sold: s&b 8x56 30mm a7

    For sale is an 8x56 schmidt and bender scope with a 30mm tube and an a7 reticle. Comes with original box and packaging, all paperwork, scope covers and the registration card which is unused as I never used it to register. Scope has been on my rifle since I bought it and has had guards in the...
  7. Another taxidermy disaster!

    19 Reasons Why @CrapTaxidermy Is The Most Horrifying Account On Twitter number 4 is a hideous creation concocted of a red fox, brown hare and sloth from the goonies!!
  8. high viz jacket and collar

    I'm looking for a high viz collar and jacket for my bitch similar to the ones pictured below. Can anyone post up a link please? Cheers David
  9. Lid / tray for chiller Drips

    Can anyone recommend me a company that sells custom size trays or box lids you dont have to buy multiple units from? i need a new drip tray for my chiller but am having trouble finding something the right size. max size is w53 x d57 cm min size is w51 x 45 cm cheers david
  10. Chiller servicer east lothian?

    Im looking for an engineer to service my roe chiller. can anyone recommend one that will cover the east lothian area? cheers david
  11. Dog Mixer biscuits

    Can anyone recommend from personal experience (well your dog obviously not you :D) a brand of biscuit mixer to use with my dogs for adding to their raw food diet? I will need to get three types as my dogs are 3 months, 4 years and 14 but am interested on peoples opinions before I do. From a...
  12. Car dog crates

    I am in the market for a double dog cage for the 4x4's boot - a chevrolet captiva. any recommendations for a decent brand that's not bank breaking ie sub £200? cheers david
  13. Canvas Dummies for training

    I am looking for canvas dummies in various sizes for dog training. I'm looking for some recommendations as to decent suppliers, not wanting something that will fall to bits after a few retrieves. Cheers David
  14. Glass in my dinner!

    Look what I just found in my asda steak pie!
  15. GPS tracking software for phones

    I found the following app on a forum and it looks the dogs ******** as far as tracking goes with the option to add markers such as blood, shot etc on it. It is unfortunately however an American app. Does any one know of similar that can be used in the UK with British maps...
  16. Error Message

    FAO Admin. Since update, I get the following message when I try to mark forums read: "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error."
  17. Spare book dust cover, Kenneth Roebuck

    I ordered a book and it arrived today with 3 dust covers on it! If anyone has a ripped or missing copy of the following dust cover and wants one let me know and ill post it out. Pointing Dogs, care and training of all pointing breeds by Kenneth C Roebuck Cheers ​David
  18. tweed suit

    Having been invited to a few shoots this season, I need to invest in something reasonably smart to wear so I don't look like a lurcher-man that's turned up at the wrong event! Looking for tweeds - plus twos, cap, waistcoat and jacket (preferably the thinner blazer type ones). Anyone recommend...
  19. My new BMH litter

    My BMH bitch began whelping at 2230 last night and, by 0630 this morning, she had given birth to a total of 10 pups (4 bitches and 6 dogs). I was a bit nervous about this as, it's both mine and her first litter however everything went perfectly and the bitch and all pups are doing well...
  20. European tracking associations

    Seeing as how I am unable to get out with my dog while she has her pups, I am looking to do a bit of further reading on different tracking systems, tests, methods etc used on the continent. With this in mind, I would be grateful if anyone who is either a member of one of these groups or knows...