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  1. Sold: Leupold vx iii 4.5x14x50 ,warne rings

    Leupold 4.5x14x50. Good solid scope with a set of Warne medium rings . £280 posted ono , small chip in paint as seen in pictures. No box as iv had it for years and the box has been lost in the mists of time. Thanks matt
  2. Wanted: Cz 527 stock and sights

    Recently bought a old 527 222 . It's shoots fine but is missing the open sights and the stock is a bit bashed up. If anyone would have any of these bits hanging around I have some money waiting. Thanks matt.
  3. Sold: Baikal single barrel 12

    Free to a good home . Hasn't had a shot through it in about 3 years . Used to be my lamping truck gun . Comes with a funky little cartridge holder on the stock. Good old gun . Got a few decades left in it yet . Based in Worcestershire . Thanks matt
  4. Sold: Wildcat predator 8 . 6mm 243 . 1/2 unf

    Wildcat mod for sale , in good condition, have just bought a lighter model. excellent moderator . £50 pick up Worcestershire
  5. Wanted: Cz 550 picatinny rail

    Would anyone happen to have a rail to go on a cz 550 308 . Getting the mounts is a bit of pain and I want to swap to a different scope . I know they do them new but thought I would ask before I order a new one . Thanks Matt
  6. Anyone know what this is?

    My mate brought it from a flee market. He seems to think its for setting up a mortor or something similar. Anyone have any ideas of what it's for?
  7. Sold: Lincoln 10 bore o/u and reloading equipment

    Selling my lincoln 10 bore as i do not really use it that often and its a bit long in the stock for me . So for sale is - -Lincoln 10 bore no2 over and under non ejector 32in barrels , in good condition , dont think it has ever seen a marsh (see photos) -MEC 600 10g press with new a new crimping...
  8. For Sale: mitsubishi l200 pickup top

    Selling to top too my L200 as it hasnt been on the truck for the 5 years i have owned it . Its is off a 53 plate animal -Lockable rear glass door -Windows on the side can be opened -Interior light and wiring -Good condition , a few scratches on the top where it has been stored Thanks for...
  9. Wanted: howa 243 metal floor plate

    MY mate has just got a new howa 243 and it has came with the magazine conversion , witch he is not too keen on and he wants the just the old metal floor plate with the internal mag , has anyone got one knocking around they would like to sell ? Thanks matt
  10. 8 bore

    Have found myself with a muzzel loading 8 bore , and to be honest i do not have that much experince with these sort of things. It says on the side 5 1/2 drams to 2oz of shot , well acording to the internet thats 150 grains , seems like quite alot to me also im havent got black powder but...
  11. chinese mandarin duck

    Have just come back from a weekend away at symonds yat with some freinds . We went for a bit of canoning down the river wye and i counted at least 10 mandarin ducks in a 7 mile streach of river . Also at home i have seen them on the river teme . On the RSPB website it puts the population at...
  12. badgers

    Badgers now thought to be ‘virtually immortal’ | NewsBiscuit
  13. Lamping emergency gun

    After several situations while out lamping when the damn fox has run right up to the truck or is sat on a brow of a bank within shotgun range i have bought a gun just for the job . We do sometimes take a shotgun out , But i dont want to take my english side buy side , Because i dont want to...
  14. set trigger cz 550

    Just realised my cz 550 308 has got a set trigger , Never even thought to look before . Is this standard on this gun or is it a extra the last owner put on? Only paid 300 quid for the gun and a set of warne mounts . Its shoots a good group as well , think i got a bargin .
  15. just very funny

    E-mails from an Asshole
  16. Wanted: pike fishing

    Basically was seeing if anyone knows where i can take my old chap for some realy good pike fishing , we havent been for years and i thought i would take him for his cristmas present . Was looking at the norfolk broads at some guided fishing . Just seeing if anyone has any good places or is a...
  17. damn you muntjac

    Went to sort my electric fence out today for my pheasant pen and i thought ahh will take the rifle just in case . Have been after this one muntjac for about a year, he is massive and every time i see him i either dont have the gun or he's just in the wrong damb place . Anyway i sorted the fence...
  18. What 12b fox cartridge?

    Usaly take foxes with the rifle but we have few fox drives lined up soon and just wondering what cartridges other people use and what is regarded as the best load? For years i have been using some realy old saga bb's (not sure how much powder is in them) which seem to do the job but have run out .
  19. west merica police site.

    Firearm Certificate Conditions, other than the statutory conditions prescribed by the 1998 Firearms Rules, are a mechanism for the Chief Constable to regulate the behaviour of a certificate holder where necessary, on a case by case basis. The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)...