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  1. Sold: shot gun cabinet

    hi guys spare 6 gun cabinet. two locks, four keys, top shelf. 150 tall, 360 wide, 260 deep based near cambridge could be delivered locally or willing to meet up. looking for £50 cheers shakey
  2. loss of a great friend

    one of my closet friends has been missing at sea for two days now, coast guard have called off the search, police have said he is presumed dead, been through some tough times together and had many great days shooting and taking the ****. deer stalking wont be the same now. really going to miss...
  3. stihl chainsaw

    hi guys, im after opinions on two chainsaws ms 211 or ms 231, dont want to risk second hand unless i really trust people, had a husky and had a few issue, ive got a couple of trees to fell then it will be for logging. should i spend more or not worry? cheers guys
  4. Wanted: Sauer 202..Push in Sling Swivels

    hi guys after a push in sling swivel, not managed to find much online, anybody got a spare or a pair they want to sell? shakey
  5. rain water harvesting

    hi guys looking at buying a new house, well 1950s house to do up. thinking about installing rain water harvesting, ive got experience with ground works and plumbing, any of you guys understand the systems? cheers shakey jake
  6. what happened to riddick?

    thousands of posts in a year then he turns in to reloader 54?
  7. fly tying

    after the sd experts on fly tying, ive got some kit and supplies but lack a book or any idea where to start. any one know a good guide or instruction book? thanks in advance shakey
  8. unknown duck,

    mate saw this near peterborough, im guessing its a pet duck gone feral but no clue on species. any ideas guy?
  9. gun shop closing

    hunting and shooting in ramsey is due to shut at the end of jan, sad to see a local shop shut, hes got a some good stuff left if any one wants a bargain. shakey
  10. weird spent ammo

    hoping some of the more experience can identify this spent ammo?
  11. Any divers in cambs

    Right im after some help, just dropped my glasses over the side of a boat at grafham water!!!! They fell in right next to the jetty tried to net them and magnet with out success, any one fancy a swim? Im stuck with out them. Cheers guys try not to laugh to hard Shakey
  12. Ddm

    Hi guys im after some info my brother is in the army and interested in starting deer stalking, i heard about a military stalking scheme but he cant find any info. If anyone has a contact number or is in the scheme and can help he would be very grateful Shakey
  13. Crimping rounds?

    Following on from my last question regarding 243 85gr sierra, should i try crimping the new rounds? Ive got a lee set of dies with a crimp, im looking for pros and cons aswell as the correct procedure, do i do the normal testing the crimp the best grouping powder weight or crimp all, or test...
  14. Reloading 243 85gr sierra with hunter

    Any one got any experience of ramshot hunter? I cant find a charge range for 85gr hpbt sierra gameking, gunshop local to me has advised 40gr start max 45gr. He stocks the powder so easy access, doesnt appear to be getting banned soon, reading the ramshot data it list bullets of similar weights...
  15. Sea fishing north wales

    Hi guys im after some advice, im staying near snowdon for the weekend. Hoping to take my boys sea fishing been looking on line and loads of places to go but if any one knows of a safe place with a decent chance of catching or a decent tackle shop near by id love to hear from you. Jake
  16. Josh james

    Just finished watching his vlog no 5 on youtube. What a difference he went to a hunting comp prizes for best stag and chamois races carrying a wild pig for adults and kids kids prize for rabbits shot litterally a world away from us. I appriciate it might not be to everyones taste but the...
  17. Last outing of the year

    After a longer than i would like break from shooting i thought i should get out before the year ends. Ive been trying to get a red for a couple of years and every time i think ive got a chance things dont work in my favour, this week was no different my mates are away when ive got a free day! So...
  18. Carrie fisher RIP

    Just read carrie fisher has died. How many more people will this year take
  19. experience of 77/22

    hi guys i looked at a ruger 77/22 today odd synthetic stock stainless barrel and rotary mag. its bolt action and feels well made whats peoples thoughts on it? i want a second 22 for dedicated night vision. my local dealer has a selection of cz bronos old 10/22 and an anshuits i quite liked the...
  20. one last cast each boys

    told my boys last cast then we go my eldest hooked and played a carp just getting the net when the little one hooks up too no time to unhook so had to net both what a finish hope ive loaded the photos properly jake