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  1. Sold: Remington Model 7 .233 Rem

    Ideal as a truck gun or light weight walking around rifle. Burris 1" steel rings on one piece base. Screw cut 1/2UNF Barrel is approx 181/2" and is I think 1/12 twist. £300 plus RFD costs or face to face Reading area or Bisley
  2. Sold: Mauser 201 .22 WMR

    Comes with kassnar 2-7x wide angle scope and Parker hale silencer. Has been used as short to mid range truck gun for rabbits , need to clear the slot as have a hankering for a semi auto in wmr . £220 plus RFD fees or face to face on Reading area or Bisley .
  3. For Sale: N550

    Pulsar N550 night vision scope, superb image quality, especially with T20 IR torch, I have been using this as a standalone spotter due to abject laziness (CBA to mess around zeroing the N550 then the day scope ) considering upgrading to add on such as Ward. £270+P&P
  4. another take on an old pastime

  5. so what would you do with this brass?

    I know what I would do ! a mate bought this as 3x loaded, which is possible I guess, but they must have been 3 meaty loads!!
  6. Jack Hargreaves on deer

    just seen this has come back into circulation.........
  7. taking advantage of the shade

    saw these fellas yesterday making use of every bit of the shade :-D
  8. just found out where Muir gets his rifles from

    ;) :-P but seriously a fascinating look into how things were done by hand in the past
  9. the lovers

    saw these two while driving within 100m of home, less than 50m from an urban estate, they were totally unfazed by my van stopping within 5m of them, and seemed more interested in each other than running away! sorry about the picture quality, but it was from a phone and as it turned out, a phone...
  10. for the Tikka T3 owners out there

    just in case any of you are interested
  11. Fallow with Sikamalc

    03.00 get up load up and push off to Malcs place finally arrive, after a longer journey then expected and getting lost didn't help :oops: out on the rather nice ground in search of the elusive Fallow (although we had seen a small group jump across the road in front of us.) after a good walk...
  12. pool baby!
  13. so thats what they are for!

    live and learn
  14. Fallow with IanF

    Up this morning before dawn, to be taken by Ian to one of his grounds on the Jurassic coast.We arrived to a surprisingly mild morning (considering the fact that frost had set in last night) after a briefing as to what to shoot and who not to shoot (mainly Ian for some reason ? :-P ) off we...
  15. Sika with Sikamalc

    a big thanks to Sikamalc and Robin for putting on a great outing down in deepest Dorset last weekend. After a good nights sleep, it was meet in the carpark with the temp in minus figures and a good layer of frost forming, there was myself Baker lads and his friend Paul, we all piled into Malcs...
  16. Deer in the news

    looks like Deer are back in the news again
  17. visitors to the back garden

    not mine unfortunately, but some I got while at my cousins house.
  18. some old film

    some old Pathe news reel I stumbled across :)
  19. still shaking :D

    I have decided I am a wuss! just got through loading my first 10 rounds of ammo, I wish I had read CSL's excellent sticky more closely and got boat tailed instead of flat bottomed bullets. every time the bullet popped into the neck I had a mini panic attack :oops::-P:-P anyways, being the...
  20. confused (as usual)

    folks, I am as green as a green thing when it comes to reloading, and I have a bit of a poser here, I bought a set of Lee RGB dies yesterday (well I managed to break the decapping pin on my Lee loader and wasn't about to pay 4x the value in postage from Midway UK, so I went and spent 4x the cost...