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  1. Decisions Decisions

    Those latter brands don’t normally need their stock replaced….😉
  2. Blaser R8 Ultimate X

    The R8’ have butt spacers do they not to allow the LoP to be changed? And I agree on the thumb test thing Sako have, it’s a good idea but I would think a non thumb hole type stock is available for the R8 - it’ll just cost you a fair wedge! 😂
  3. Blaser R8 Ultimate X

    The R8’s I’ve shot have been fairly short and compact…the LOP will either suit and fit you or not…overall they are usually pretty pointable.
  4. Blaser R8 Ultimate X

    That’s a bold statement from a tikka fan…😂😂😂 I guess many of the makers are going this way, Sako, Ruger, howa, tikka….all ugly as sin but functional.
  5. Glos Police Authority and cabinet fixings, latest advice and experience. Please read if in Glos area.

    It’s still without logic if they thing an M12 bolt is going to make the difference over an M10 bolt. The problem is not what they are fixed with in most cases but how they are fixed.
  6. Glos Police Authority and cabinet fixings, latest advice and experience. Please read if in Glos area.

    Hope you are feeling better and happy new year. On the cabinet thing - what a load of nonsense from the police on this one - many houses have timber frames and if you bolt to the timber frame and floor with for example a 10mm bolt is of reasonable grade material (say 110ksi) it’s going to take...
  7. Meat Loaf

    Sad new, kept going for a long time though!
  8. Nickel 3-12x56

    Not sure he’ll care after 8 years….😂😂
  9. Beretta BRX1

    I more meant for the consumer - not many people swap their rifle from left to right handed. 👍🏻
  10. A mate just had an interesting home visit for his renewal. A few areas of concern.

    He said the slot….not the FAC, which is odd….I’m not sure they can revoke a slot “instantly” without taking he cert away. All sounds a bit odd….will it be on field-sports TV?? 😂
  11. Getting started: The journey from a beginner to an advanced stalker

    also spend time going out with binoculars only…you don’t need a rifle to gain experience stalking deer, looking at them, learning the different shapes. I started off doing lots of vermin control rabbits and foxes and would sit i high seats for hours watching deer and the way they behave. You...
  12. Legal to hunt with a catapult, but not a bow

    You don’t need a gun to do this (in their eyes) a cage trap etc could be used. Guns = bad in society eyes, politicians will pander to the majority.
  13. Decisions Decisions

    Just go with the S20 seems to be plenty on guntrader in 6.5 but they are not the camo stock.
  14. FUC***********ERS!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Spot on…it’s a system that could by the letter of the law prevent any and all getting an FAC and have no legitimate response as they are following the procedure.
  15. Composite stock refurbishment

    Thanks guys, it’s probably a bit past that…wondering about a coating or something but don’t know it would last…
  16. FUC***********ERS!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Although again, if medcert decided to distance themselves from firearms cert dealings (which they would be entitled to do) it would leave applicants in a sticky situation. It’s clearly an issue as it’s regularly mentioned on social media/forums so I still suggest the procedure needs revised.
  17. Composite stock refurbishment

    Other than replacement - What are the practical options for a composite stock that’s been used and starting to show its age? Can they be coated with any robust material? Painted? What have people done to tart up an old stock? Regards, Gixer
  18. FUC***********ERS!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    I understand that - however, my point was I can see why people identified a similarity between if the baker was not allowed to refuse but a GP practice was. As far as I am concerned the GP practice can do as they please however as has been mentioned the firearms regulations need to be changed...
  19. FUC***********ERS!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    I have to say - I see a valid point here, the cake shop provides a service and was not allowed to refuse (even though it appears they did win) and a GP provides a service - they should be held to the same rules/laws I guess. We really are increasingly becoming lepers, and it’s down to public...
  20. Suppressor .5 mm under nominal bore size: clever or stupid?

    So are we saying a 6.5 stamped mod could in theory be used on a .30 cal? You can see dimensionally it maybe ok but seen some weird things with kids over the years, a friend had a Stalon and the rifle was grouping like a shotgun - removed the mod and it was back to grouping properly….no signs of...