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  1. 6.5x55 foxing round

    100gr sierra soft points flat enough and good enough for roe
  2. Poor Chwis - the nasty court of appeal has dismissed wild justices appeal again

    Not directly but i bet it says bbc on the cheques
  3. Poor Chwis - the nasty court of appeal has dismissed wild justices appeal again

    Looks like his gravy train may be coming to an end bbc licenses under threat
  4. Winterwatch 2022

    Gillian is on tomorrow
  5. Lancashire vermin / rough shooting

    You have p.m.
  6. 22/250

    Both 50 and 55gr privi work on roe the soft points dont seem to blow up
  7. Fuerteventura - any shooting

    Curry goat is fine by me
  8. Offended!

    Just finished my bag of midget gems that the granddaughter bought me for christmas
  9. Avian influenza.

    Buzzards do catch the flu seen half a dozen recently some in cheshire others in cumbria keeper in cumbria said he has been finding them allover
  10. Sold: Tweed suit

    sold subject to payment thanks to all who asked about this
  11. Retired shooter seeking info.

    Welcome from Leigh
  12. Sold: Tweed suit

    Sorry price £75 plus post i am wrestling with photos at the mo but can whatsap
  13. Sold: Tweed suit

    Derby tweed suit norfolk shooting jacket with breeks size 38-40 chest 32 waist in as new condition
  14. Wanted: Spikomat 4" manual burger press.

    Try butchers sundries i think they had them on sale
  15. Unknown caller

    I have one of these originally bought the mark one but that stopped working after a few months returned to maker and they replaced it with the new version no problems and very good to deal with may be worth a call
  16. Do I need a cabinet inspection of my newly fitted cabinet before the relocation of shotguns?

    My brother has just moved house notified feo he called to inspect as he was just passing this was Lancs force same as before move
  17. Important update for Scottish Stalkers - Parasites

    You will keep voting for it so dont blame us :lol:
  18. Wanted: Nosler 150gr BT in 7mm

    Hi i have a box and a half if of any use Dave
  19. Sold: Shotgun slip

    slip now sold subject to payment
  20. First Deer

    Link not working for me