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  1. For Sale: Tracking / stalking / Deer / misc books

    work wonders feed your dog raw meaty bones Tom Lonsdale £4 give your dog a bone Ian Billinghurst £12
  2. For Sale: Tracking / stalking / Deer / misc books

    I have a number of shooting related books for sale. Prices do not inlude the postage as this will be dependent on how many books someone wants. Alternatively can be collected from East Lothian. tracking dog **SOLD** try tracking the puppy tracking primer carolyn Krause £10 working with dogs...
  3. Walnut media for tumbling

    I've just bought myself a tumbler for my cases and a quick check on the Web shows it is significantly cheaper to buy walnut media from non shooting shops. Problem is, it seems to come in graded sizes such as 16/30 or 25/52 although this design lists media size in mm. What size/grade should I...
  4. Sold: Dog dummies

    I have 3 quest dog dummies still in their plastic packaging, never opened or used. 1lb, 3lb and 5lb £20 incl p&p
  5. Sold: Reloading equipment

    I have the following surplus items for sale. All are used with the exception of the trickler which is new. Any defects noted. Hornady powder trickier £10 Lyman accutrimmer (trimmer only no inserts) £25 Lee precision press (1 screw hole missing) £20 Lee safety powder scale (missing dish) £12...
  6. Sold: 3 x stocks

    Provisionally sold pending payment.
  7. Sold: 3 x stocks

    I have absolutely no idea what these are from however they are gathering dust in my garage if they are of use to anyone? 2 are wooden and one is synthetic and one of the wooden ones is for a lefty. £25 for all 3 plus whatever postage is or collection East Lothian.
  8. Sold: s&b 8x56 30mm a7

  9. Sold: s&b 8x56 30mm a7

    For sale is an 8x56 schmidt and bender scope with a 30mm tube and an a7 reticle. Comes with original box and packaging, all paperwork, scope covers and the registration card which is unused as I never used it to register. Scope has been on my rifle since I bought it and has had guards in the...
  10. Another taxidermy disaster!

    19 Reasons Why @CrapTaxidermy Is The Most Horrifying Account On Twitter number 4 is a hideous creation concocted of a red fox, brown hare and sloth from the goonies!!
  11. Extraction on warmer days and Carcass Hygiene.

    Get some plastic milk cartons, fill them 3/4 full with water and freeze them. take them in a cool box in your car and place in and around carcass to keep cool. **only fill 3/4 as any more causes plastic to split when the water expands as ice.
  12. Rifles seized by police!

    Apologies for any confusion. I meant a marker to say that you held a sgc or fac.
  13. Rifles seized by police!

    Yes i have conducted probably thousands of checks on people and vehicles. as i say if there is a marker on the police national computer when you check a persons details out the marker will be highlighted to you. If the marker is not on pnc you would only find out if you did a check on a...
  14. Rifles seized by police!

    Requesting either a person check or vehicle check DOES NOT show up if you hold a shotgun or firearm certificate unless a marker has been added to the person, not vehicle. a separate check on a different system is required for this information.
  15. high viz jacket and collar

    A few people have let me know this coat is kevlar. Just to confirm, im looking for something bright and visible it does not need to be able to withstand a boar just easily seen and resistant to branches and undergrowth.
  16. high viz jacket and collar

    I'm looking for a high viz collar and jacket for my bitch similar to the ones pictured below. Can anyone post up a link please? Cheers David
  17. Stalking with Kite.

    Nice looking bitch. what kind of jacket and harness is that?
  18. Lid / tray for chiller Drips

    Alan, ikea was my first place to look but unfortunately nothing fitted cheers norma.
  19. Lid / tray for chiller Drips

    Can anyone recommend me a company that sells custom size trays or box lids you dont have to buy multiple units from? i need a new drip tray for my chiller but am having trouble finding something the right size. max size is w53 x d57 cm min size is w51 x 45 cm cheers david