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  1. Wanted: Optilock bases for 11mm dovetail

    Optilock blued bases needed for Sako Finnfire (.22 rimfire) - Also 30mm low/extra low Optilock rings
  2. Avon and Somerset variation

    Quite quick turnaround bearing shortage of staff due to Covid. - Variation application posted 30th November and varied FAC received today. Congratulations to Avon and Somerset and thank you
  3. Avon and Somerset renewals

    A shout for Avon and Somerset Firearms - application for variation posted on 30/11/21 and renewed FAC delivered today (5/1/22) - not bad considering Covid and reduced staff. Many thanks A&S.
  4. Wanted: Optilock or Burris Signature rings/bases

    Optilock bases to fit 11mm dovetail with 30mm rings OR Burris Signature 30mm rings to fit 11mm dovetail -(to fit .22 LR Sako Finnfire) .
  5. Acraglass Gel still available?

    Anyone know where and if I can still get Acraglass Gel? - Even looking at the USA sites it seems to be "out of stock" or "discontinued" in most cases - is it still made and if not, what alternatives come to mind?
  6. Avon and Somerset variation times

    Anyone have current information on likely period for one for one variation to be completed in Avon and Somerset?
  7. Another oldie

    Two signwriters had just finished fixing the name onto the facade over the premises of Jackson and Pollock - standing back to admire their work one turns to the other and says " Bloody Hell what have we done - it now reads "Jackson and Bollock". The reply "Oh bugger - then what have we put over...
  8. Hamilton v Verstappen

    For those that watched the British Grand Prix last weekend (I know I am late with this) has anyone commented on the positions of the two cars on the corner before tha crash? It seemed to me that as Hamilton was ahead at that point he would have been perfectly entitled (judging by the penalty...
  9. GB News

    Don't know when it's on (or even if it has yet to start) and even if I did, I do not have any appropriate channel(s) on which to view it - reception here is zilch! If it has been broadcast has anyone seen it and is it any good (surely has to be more factual than BBC or others)
  10. Oxford students at it again

    Apparently Oxford uni students have now voted to remove a picture of the Queen on the pretext that she represents oppression - not just a vote against the monarchy then! Don't they have anything better to do (such as working towards their degree or doing voluntary work)? - in my day you had to...
  11. Police shooting

    I am possibly being stupid but why did it take 20 shots by the police to kill the London Bridge terrorist when he had already been immobilized by others - I get it that the police thought he had bombs and told everyone to keep clear but surely he was not a difficult target. Not trying to...
  12. Expert Telecom Ltd and BT

    Does anyone know anything about Expert Telecom Ltd - they called stating that the BT lines were owned by Open Reach and Open Reach would provide them with my details resulting in a substantial reduction in my bills (broadband, landline and mobile) which would come from Expert Telecom Ltd. I...
  13. What calibre after lead ban?

    On the assumption (and I realize this is ONLY a remote possibility) that after the lead ammunition ban it becomes difficult (if not impossible) for a .243 to meet the Scottish criteria for deer shooting (ignoring Roe, Muntjac etc), what will be the smallest calibre for which factory ammunition...
  14. Is this a scam?

    Have just received an email supposedly from "New Viking Arms" telling me I can now pay by cheque and also saying the I have an invoice waiting and asking me to contact by telephone or email - I have not to my knowledge, purchased anything from them or asked them about anything. Has anyone else...
  15. Free: Free - Sako A2 Stutzen forend

    Sako A2 Stutzen forend with metalwork - free to anyone on SD subject to payment of postage. (I restocked the rifle to fit me) - pictures attached. First come, first served.
  16. Brexit and vaccines

    Is just me being cynical or is there a connection between the European governments "rubbishing" the British vaccine, their own failures to secure sufficient doses in time and a desire to "get back" at Britain for Brexit? If my suspicions are correct then it doesn't say much for their concerns...
  17. What Sako .22?

    When variations are again being made I want to apply for a .22lr or magnum. I have always liked Sakos (have 3 at present) and if used, the condition of the stock is irrelevant as I will restock (walnut blank ready and waiting). Can someone therefore please tell me what are the differences...
  18. Salmond v Sturgeon

    Sounds like something "fishy" (I'll get my coat) but heard on the lunchtime news that this should kick off soon.
  19. Nightfox - Anyone?

    Who, if anyone imports Nightfox 110r or 120r binnoculars/monoculars into the UK? - Comparison reports from abroad seem to rate them very highly and they wouldn't seem to break the bank.
  20. Nightfox 110 or 120

    Does anyone have experience of these? - if so, are they any good and if not, what alternatives would you recommend in a reasonably similar price range