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  1. For Sale: 150gn Hornady GMX .308 bullets

    Price drop £50
  2. Black Powder .44 Revolver

    I've seen a chain fire, It was just like two shots fired at the same time. The cylinder didn't explode, but a second chamber went off. The ball from that chamber must of gone down range, but not on the target. The shooter said they did not experience twice the recoil, but stopped as he knew...
  3. Black Powder .44 Revolver

    I have an Ruger Old Army 44/45 and its so much fun. I use tripple 7 , RWS 1075 caps and conical bullets, shoots like a dream. I've also had good accuracy with round ball. I cast my own bullets and have been experimenting with powder coating them, getting good results. The Old Army IMO is the...
  4. Recommend me a press.

    I had the same dilemma, which one to buy as there are so many good presses on the market. Having read many reviews and watching various youtube videos, I ended up with a Foster Co-Ax. What I can say is, it's a joy to use. I load. 308, and. 223 and it produced some very straight ammunition. The...
  5. For Sale: 150gn Hornady GMX .308 bullets

    Miki, I am aware that some people and the media refer to ammunition as bullets, and as reloaders we refer to bullet, case, primer and powder. I hope you understand I was only trying to cover all my bases, maybe a photo would have been better. You know what they say about a picture tells thousand...
  6. Sold: 180gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure .308

    Yes, and as advertised they are from bulk pack so no retail box (100). Exactly as per the picture on Sierra's website. Would like me to try and attach a photo? Regards Ian
  7. For Sale: 150gn Hornady GMX .308 bullets

    I presume you are a politician and have been working on Brexit for the last 3 years. We could argue or debate the correct terminology for the items I am selling, but as long as people get the gist then I'm not really bothered. As I said I'm happy to answer any question someone might have. You...
  8. Sold: 178gn 8mm (.323) FMJ with cannelure

    1000 x 178gn 8mm (.323) FMJ with cannelure, maker unknown. £18 per 100 +£3 P+P or £75 per 500 + £12 P+P Please PM me if you have any questions.
  9. Sold: 180gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure .308

    376 x 180gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure (.308). £30 per 100 + £3 P+P. £100 for 376 + £12 P+P (Not boxed from bulk pack). Please PM me if you have any questions.
  10. Sold: 168gn Sierra Matchkings .308 (moly coated)

    350 x 168gn Sierra Matchkings (Moly coated). £30 per 100 + £3 P+P or £100 for the lot + £9 P+P (Not boxed from bulk 500pack). Please PM me if you have any questions.
  11. For Sale: 200gn Sierra Matchkings (#2231C) .308 bullets

    925 x 200gn Sierra Matchkings (#2231C) £460 + £15 P+P All have same batch number. New price is £305 per 500. These are the newer 2018 model with a BC .715 Please PM me if you have any questions.
  12. For Sale: 150gn Hornady GMX .308 bullets

    88 x Hornady 150gn GMX .308 £55 + £3 P+P These are lead free and normally sell for £48 per 50. Please PM if you have any questions.
  13. For Sale: 75gn Hornady Amax .223 (moly coated)

    200 x 75gn Hornady Amax (Moly) £20 per 100 + £2 P+P Please PM for any questions.
  14. Sold: Bullet sale 223, 308, 8mm

    Postage booked, hope to get off later today. Cheers Ian
  15. Sold: Bullet sale 223, 308, 8mm

    Having a clear out as I seem to have loads of bullets. *******HAVE MOVED THE UNSOLD BULLETS TO INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS****** 82 x 150gn Sierra pro hunter round nose with cannelure £20 + £3 P+P. (Not boxed from bulk pack) NOW SOLD PM me for more info or photos. Happy for them to be collected from...
  16. voltavori n150 With 55g

    N150 is slow single base behind a very light bullet in. 243. Quickload is very accurate but requires lots of data for the most accurate results, I.E seating depth. My above post is meant as a guide only.
  17. Hornady oal gauge

    Yes they are excellent. The threaded cases from Hornady are Sammi spec, some use one of their own fired case and drill and tap them to use. I've always gone with the Hornady cases and thats been fine. Start with a clean chamber and throat, be consistant with pressure used to touch lands, repeat...
  18. My first stag shot, caught on film

    Nice video, shame you're scopecam didn't capture you're actual shot so we could have seen backdrop, shot placement and effectiveness.
  19. voltavori n150 With 55g

    Quickload data based on 24" barrel 100% fill with N150 = 46.13gn. This creates 52522psi and this pressure produces 3590 FPS. As with all reloading start lower and work up. This is not a max pressure load but is getting close to it.