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  1. Available: 2 Guns in small friendly DIY syndicate near Moffat

    If you dont fill the full guns, Ill take a 1/2 gun mate after I have my hols in july.
  2. 25-06 barrel length?

    Having had 2, 25-06 I would say the longer barrel is the better choice. 1 was 20" and the other 22". I never saw a strike from either. Personally I think its a cracking chambering. Nutty
  3. Available: Rough Shooting - West Lothian

    If my pup was ready I would have bit your hand of for this. Nutty
  4. Available: Syndicate place available

    Lads I know lanner hes a good straight bloke. Who evers successful is getting into a good syndicate with good lads. Nutty
  5. Northern Lights - Aurora this weekend

    If you get a clear sky tonight is a good chance. Reports around Whitehaven they have been seen tonight. Nutty
  6. shooting lease ?

    Wise words. Nutty
  7. shooting lease ?

    Spot on. Nutty
  8. Am bilin'!!

    Lads RD didnt takes this chap out. He has been told evrything by the lad RD took out. Its still b@ll@ocks still the same.. Nutty
  9. Savage rifles

    Nothing wrong with Savage. I had a 25-06 in a wooden stock with accu- trigger. It shot very very well. Nutty
  10. All in one puppy food.....which one?!

    Horse and country out Tranent way stock Chudleys.. Nutty
  11. Advice needed - settling a Springer pup

    Try adaptil... Google it. Our 3mth old sprocker was close to getting moved on as she wouldnt settle at all, and was putting a bit pressure on the wife and I. We couldnt even get her toilet trained.. I bought Adaptil 3 weeks ago now, and well it may be a coincedence but shes now coming on a...
  12. sky are a shower of b*****ds

    It should all be on paper. Sky normally send out conformation of the order to you. If its bern done over the phone, then it sounds like you could of been on the recieving end of an adiviser looking to boost their bonus by lying to you. Ask CAB and Trading Standards Good luck Nutty
  13. The Stalkers Path

    Boggy enjoy the time with your feet up. You have been a credit and ambasador to our sport. I am fortunate to know you personally for many years. And thank you for the teachings I recieved from yourself. from starting beating at Strathord to working with you at Keir. Nutty
  14. Europeans Immigrants

    Spot on. Nutty
  15. Europeans Immigrants

    I have a Pole in my team at work. I wish some of the others had his work ethic and morald, Ive also just had my chimney swept by a Polish lad, again great work ethic and morals. Nutty
  16. Haggis

    I have. Sausage used to do the bungs and seasoning. I used Roe offal and it was spot on. However lung shot beasts aint good for it due to blood clots in the lungs. Ive also tried it with Red offal but it was way too strong. Nutty
  17. Buzzard.

    Whats Illegal about shooting branchers?? Nutty
  18. soft shooting shotgun cartridge for game

    Gamebore pure gold 1oz are a smooth cartridge, Hull also do a few good smooth cartridges. Nutty
  19. Coopers of Stortford.

    I agree.. Ive just looked their website up. And it says all goods Normally dispatched within 7 days but please allow up to 28days... Nutty