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  1. 2021 poor head contest

    If you're talking about the worst Roe buck, SikaMalc judged Caberslash the well deserved winner.
  2. Toast to the season

    Paired that whisky with an absolute beauty of a Nicaraguan cigar!
  3. NZ "back country" stalking

    Really appreciate it, I'll definitely be sending you a message once we get our act together down in Southlands. I'm always well up for a walk, even if I'm just there to help with extraction. Plus 1000bucks for a chopper seems very reasonable, maybe for my 30th Birthday next year...
  4. NZ "back country" stalking

    I don't doubt it, folks have been seriously welcoming right from the start.
  5. NZ "back country" stalking

    Thanks for the advice! I've definitely been looking at joining a club in the local area and trying to make some contacts. As the gun licensing is going to take me a good while to attain I'm hoping to start a bit of bow hunting.
  6. NZ "back country" stalking

    As a bloke currently sitting in MIQ then heading to Southlands, any suggestions on folks to talk to once I get out there?
  7. Sold: Daystate Wolverine 2C type .177

    Sorry I didn't get back to you, it sold this afternoon
  8. Anyone want 2 frozen roe heads?

    I was just about to chuck them, but for now they're still in the freezer. This is one, the other is a similar size but he broke half of one of his antlers a couple of days before I managed to get him.
  9. Sold: 11 x 150gr federal powershok .270win

    Free for collection with FAC. Can meet in Dorchester. Last of my ammunition, has to go as safe is going. If no one wants them by Wednesday they're being disposed of at the local RFD.
  10. Sold: Selling up the last few things

    I will send you a pm
  11. Sold: Selling up the last few things

    I only have 11 rounds, but they are free, or you can give a fiver to the RNLI
  12. Sold: Daystate Wolverine 2C type .177

    Last price drop before it goes to a local RFD.. from £900 to £800 o.n.o
  13. Sold: Selling up the last few things

    A set of vintage sako scope rings with peep through gaps under the scope, as seen here: VINTAGE SAKO 1 INCH SCOPE RINGS - Emma Custom Rifles .........£75 posted 2 x 3 gun safes, both with 2 sets of keys.......£40 each collection only Sabre shotgun slip......£10 posted I will post photos when...
  14. Sold: Gen 2 Tripod Trigger sticks

    I have a set of Gen 2 trigger sticks for sale, they were marketed as tall - I'm 6ft 4 and I find the tripod the right size. I've used them maybe 3 times but didn't get on with the tripod shape. £70 plus £13 postage
  15. Anyone want 2 frozen roe heads?

    Unfortunately not caped, just the heads. I wasn't planning on sending them to the taxidermist, they were just to go onto a shield on my wall with the others. I've just got to empty my freezers haha
  16. Sold: Sako A2 243 Stutzen

    Thanks for the well wishes Klenchblaize, I'm very much looking forward to it.
  17. Sold: Sako A2 243 Stutzen

    I wish I could have shot a few more with it!
  18. Anyone want 2 frozen roe heads?

    I have a couple of roe buck heads in my freezer that I now won't have time or reason to clean as I'm leaving the country. If anyone wants them they're free to collect or I can meet somewhere local? Just thought I'd put it out there before I chuck them.
  19. Sold: Sako A2 243 Stutzen

    It's going to Adamant Do you recognise the rifle Tom?
  20. Sold: Sako A2 243 Stutzen

    That was exactly my plan, just got a job abroad before I got a chance to put it in to action. Open sight nostalgia