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  1. picture posts

    an old warrior taken just after the rut lost brow tine resulting in losing his eye
  2. picture posts

    ok thank you
  3. picture posts

    hi just wondering how do you post pictures on here of animals that have been shot or are you not aloud to post pictures like that on here
  4. real life experience with copper bullets ??

    i’ve found them to work really well haven’t had a lost animal yet after 2 years using them not as much meat damage but still do the job inside the animal even on fallow bucks
  5. new here

    where are you from sussex
  6. new here

    thank you
  7. new here

    thank you pete
  8. new here

    thank you i haven’t been to rutland for a while what’s the stalking like up there
  9. new here

    hi i’m new to this page i’ve been stalking now for 6 years and have taken multiple clients out stalking i joined here so others can help out with info or if i’ve got any questions that need answering