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  1. .........And Further beyond the Urban Twit

    A year or two ago whilst out stalking, I bumped into an elderly couple as they passed I said hello, they in turn asked me what I was doing, we talked for a good half hour. I was really overly nice, to cut a long story short we left on very good terms so I thought, untill the day after when I...
  2. The Urban Twit

    If I see hear or smell a human I disappear into thicket until danger has passed:)
  3. Losing lease to wind farms

    Apparently Dave a local stalker will control the ground after our lease ends .
  4. Losing lease to wind farms

    Not that clued up on generated electricity but im inclined to agree with you Brithunter
  5. Losing lease to wind farms

    Recently been told next year one of my leases wont be available to me due to wind farming,having had this ground for the last seven years some 2700 acres all my syndicate members and myself are very sad about losing the ground. I have always disliked wind farms now even more :( are there any...
  6. Fox Predation on Roe Kids

    Very interesting post however how accurate would the evidence be for how many fox take roe kids, especially in dense forest areas,I personaly have little evidence other than fox sighting while out stalking at the weekend I glassed 6 fox I do think the number of kids taken could be higher than we...
  7. safest round for deer

    Lead cored soft point would probably be less prone ,however any bullet flying through the air from a stalking rifle what ever caliber,bullet shape or form is lethal,from the muzzle to the target your in control I hope:scared: beyond that your not, a suitable back stop is critical a dead bullet...
  8. This should help with BASC questions.

    The wheels are probably in motion as we speak,surely members with DMQ2 will be awarded FREE the certificate in bunny preparation:)
  9. YDS on the BBC.

    What a cracking shot 190 metres off sticks, looked like a very well placed shot to me,obviously John is a pro what with a camera crew watching his every move,I think if I was in his boots I would be just a bit nervous taking the shot .
  10. Oh Deer, oh deer, oh deer !

    I certainly would not take the shot,makes you wonder how many people would take such a risk thou.
  11. Tikka 695 Magazine

    Tikka 595 short action and 695 long the 695 long mag fits .270 calibre quite expensive for what it is I priced one 2years ago £80.00 ring round the local RFDs you might be lucky for second hand .
  12. no connection

    Frank your a gent well in to your stalking,I have met you,and you certainly dont come across as having hidden agenders
  13. Neck Shot

    Slightly concerned for deer welfare here,what with 55gr used on red and varmint rounds used on deer ?
  14. pecar berlin 6x45

    Pecar are very nice scopes you have a bargain at that price
  15. Update on the poacher

    Wont be doing that he might want revenge:scared:
  16. Update on the poacher

    How very very dare you :shock:
  17. boundary what would you do????

    Some two years ago I had an incident one of my leases,one of our syndicate members heard a shot after walking along the march he was surprised to see a stalker from the bordering syndicate happily gralloching a hind on our side of the river,he confronted the man saying you have shot this deer...
  18. Sparrowhawk on its kill

    Very nice picture I also remember decoying for woodies and decoys attacked by sparrow hawks on one occasion a kestral tried to take one out amazing.
  19. Update on the poacher

    Why thankyou Frank just another string to my bow:-D
  20. Update on the poacher

    Who threw you a banana:D