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  1. shooting trousers recommendations

    Do you wear them as trousers or over trousers? Looking at getting some my self
  2. Goose shooting

    Morning all, putting it out there that I’m after some pest control/crop protection in the notts area. Any info required don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks josh
  3. Tanning

    Evening all, I’ve got a nice fresh fallow hide to prep, never done it before, and I think there needs to be salt involved. Anyone in the know how that wants to give me some tips, hints and instructions would be greatly welcomed thanks?
  4. .410 mossberg

    Morning all, I’m after a hushpower mossberg .410, does anyone know of any for sale in or around Nottinghamshire area? Thanks in advance
  5. .270 bullet weight

    Federal power shock
  6. .270 bullet weight

    Yeah I will have a play about with a few different makes. Didn’t know if it might be too light for the rate of twist, but could just be the federals not liking my barrel
  7. .270 bullet weight

    I’m running 130 grain bullets through my tikka T3 lite in .270. I’m not too happy on the grouping, just wandering what weight other people are using and what the grouping is like?
  8. Introduction

    I’m glad you think so👍
  9. Pard 008

    What’s your opinions on an external ir?
  10. Pard 008

    Got my sights on a pard 008p for my .22-250. Does anyone know of the best place to get one or people to stay away from and do you think I would need an external ir torch? Thanks for any help
  11. Introduction

    😂 it makes the job difficult sometimes when my keeper side wants to shine through
  12. Introduction

    I live in north Nottinghamshire, ex game keeper turned tractor driver, shoot .22-250 and .270