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  1. 8x57 ammunition

    Good morning everyone I find myself in a slight predicament in that a supply of ammunition I had on order for my new 8x57 has failed to arrive. Would anyone know where I could purchase some from, slight catch is I am based in the west midlands and will be travelling up to Scotland (so M6 and...
  2. Blood preparation

    Thanks Jon, I clearly got some bad advice so will try that from now on!
  3. Blood preparation

    Good afternoon gents I have a question for those of you who harvest blood from your deer, I have been putting salt in my pots to stop it from clotting but was wondering how much of it everyone uses, is it a weighed amount for a set volume or just what looks about right? Many thanks in advance
  4. Schultz & Larsen, Sauer 404 Synchro or Blaser R8

    Where did you buy the Heym from out of curiosity? I heard the safety/cocking mechanism can be tricky what do you make of it?
  5. Schultz & Larsen, Sauer 404 Synchro or Blaser R8

    So this week I placed an order for a sauer 101. I had rung round several shops and all gave me roughly the same price so spoke to the nearest shop to me and paid up, then I get a phone call from a certain very well known and respected dealer, naming no names as I don't want him getting in...
  6. Sauer prices

    Hi Everyone. Looking for opinions please on the Sauer 101 GTI, I was set on this getting this rifle and have just ordered one but the prices seem to have shot up since January. Now I accept there are brexit costs involved etc but to have gone up so much (27% I have bene informed) it seems...
  7. Any Shultz and Larsen fans?

    Well that was fairly unanimous, an S&L it is. Didn't realise Ivythorn was a stockists so I will head there, I got my steyr from them and the service was excellent so they will definitely be getting some return business! Thank you all for the advice.
  8. Hi!

    whereabouts do you practice?
  9. Any Shultz and Larsen fans?

    So, just got the renewal and with it the variation for an 8X57, I am very interested in an S&L (model undecided) but was wondering what all you good people thought of them, I have read very good thongs until now but can't find an MOA figure for any of them. Any and all help appreciated!
  10. Hi!

    Always happy to help if I can!
  11. Hi!

    Afternoon all. New to the directory so as per the rules here's my intro! I have been shooting since the age of 12 and stalking for the last 15 years. I grew up around Gloucestershire and that's where I started stalking so cut my teeth on Muntjac and Roe. I am now in Herefordshire working as a...