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  1. Wanted: Wanted: Stalking in Oxfordshire area

    I have recently relocated to Oxfordshire for work and wondered what sort of stalking was on offer. I know there are munties in the area because I have seen them in the fields close to the road whilst driving to and from work. However I am not sure what else is available and who was operating in...
  2. First buck of the season.

    Cheers Guys. G
  3. First buck of the season.

    After heading back to Yorkshire to get away from my dissertation for a few days I finally managed to grass my first buck of the season this morning. After probably 5 or 6 unsuccessful stalks I had seen plenty of bucks but not had the chance to get in a shot of after having several potential...
  4. 7 Point malform to christen the highseat

    Thanks guys I'm very happy with him and how its cleaned up Not this one no he was at 430g full skull after just 1 day drying so decided the weight wasn't there and have cut the skull to get on a shield now. Cheers, G
  5. To camouflage or not

    I'll have to agree with everyone else. Not necessary but personal choice I don't own any camo myself and much prefer greens and brown etc. because just like other say, once your not in the field you don't stick out so much. Cheers, G
  6. Where would you choose ?

    I think Scotland is hard to bear for the views but I'd stick with my bit at home because its just so convenient. Unfortunately thats how democracy works not everyone can have who they want in power. Should those who vote Green go and set up their own republic? I'd guess you weren't complaining...
  7. Battle scarred Munty buck

    Nice looking buck and a nice write up. Well done mate.
  8. Roe. Culls and curiosities.

    The Buck i took the other night is not dissimilar to your as it appears the 7th point has its coronet but it is in no way as distinct as yours
  9. 7 Point malform to christen the highseat

    Got the head all cleaned up and its strange. It looks like the 7th point is actually a 3rd antler as it has its own coronet George
  10. Roe. Culls and curiosities.

    Some very interesting heads being shown here. HWH i shot buck much like one of the ones in your first post a few years back which I was told at the time (quite possibly by you) was most likely damaged in velvet And just last night I took a buck with a very prominent 7th point with no sign...
  11. 7 Point malform to christen the highseat

    Cheers guys I'm very happy with him, just cleaning the head up now. TH I've got another year at uni , having been working on Scotland for a year, before I'll be back so just going to have to get out as and when I can. G
  12. 7 Point malform to christen the highseat

    Evening All, I haven't been around for a while as I've been working in Scotland for the past year and haven't had the chance to get out much. Anyway, I got home from Holiday last week and had missed the rut but fancied getting out and thought it was about time I picked up a high seat. After...
  13. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    Thanks to all that complained Im glad its been taken down no doubt they'll start another one soon though. ​G
  14. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    Done just deleted them would appear most people have had a look by now anyway ​G
  15. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    Your report is up there now with you email address that the reason I cant be bothered as they don't know much about me at the moment ​G
  16. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    Nearly everyone of the like is someone I know from home or uni they're finding in pretty funny
  17. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    Ive reported the page but not the photo i was confused yesterday when I got told my profile picture had been reported just glad I have a fairly private profile
  18. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    This is a link to the page not sure if I can really be bothered
  19. I'm famous (Sc*mwatch Facebook Page)

    Well I've made it onto a Facebook page called Scumwatch. Not sure how they found me but thought id post it incase anyone else on here is on it but doesn't realise
  20. Rutting Reds

    One of the positives of having to put with using the funny money.