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  1. Wanted: Hushpower shotgun

    Got a 20 pump hush, takes some getting used to , I get good days and bad days with it. I personally don’t find it as quiet as I’d like but it’s considerably quieter that the 12g semi. My intention was for use around the farm buildings where it’s just about quiet enough using the subsonic carts...
  2. Wanted: Sierra 224 cal 69gn TMK bullets

    Have you tried reloading solutions?
  3. Add-ons

    A mate of mine has just upgraded from the pard to the mk3 vulpine and he’s over the moon with it ! I have to say the recordings he’s sent me are significantly better than the pard. I’ve tried a pard and didn’t like it at all. Possibly the base 4x mag was too much as a base mag but the fov was...
  4. For Sale: Hand engraved stag vase

  5. Wanted: 30-06

    Sorted now - thank you guys 👍👍
  6. Sold: Heym SR21 Stainless Laminate 30-06 & Swarovski 8x50

    🤦‍♂️ Bought a rifle yesterday. Typical isn’t it 🙄
  7. Wanted: 30-06

  8. Wanted: 30-06

    Looking for a 30-06.. As much as I’d love a beautiful couple of k gun I’m not in such a fortunate position atm 😞 So realistically something between 5-800 quid Howa, tikka, REM etc... Nothing under 22” Don’t mind wood or synthetic
  9. For Sale: SAKO 75 222

  10. Sold: Beddy lurchers

    Thank you for all the positive comments guys 😊
  11. Sold: Beddy lurchers

    Mother on left
  12. Sold: Beddy lurchers

    Both parents are whippet x grey x beddy My bitch is 1/2 whippet 1/4grey 1:4 beddy The fathers parents are 3/4 beddy x greyhound and 1/2 whippet 1/2 greyhound
  13. Sold: Beddy lurchers

    I’ve lovely litter of whippet x greyhound x beddy pups looking for good homes.. Both extremely good working parents from excellent stock. Both parents between 23-24” tts 6 girls 4 boys - 1 boy already spoken for. £1000
  14. Wanted: 87gn vmax 6mm

    Yeah got some if you want em...
  15. Sold: Mossberg 20 Bore Pump Action Hushpower

    Got one of these mate - great addition to the cabinet! Good luck with the sale ...
  16. Wanted: 87gn vmax 6mm

    Think I’ve got some...
  17. Wanted: Howa stock

    Anyone got a spare stock for a Howa mini action 204? Even a original factory one would be great.
  18. Sold: 17 fireball tikka custom

  19. Sold: Leica Rangemaster LRF 800

    You can choose on mine
  20. Wanted: 204 Ruger stuff

    Yes I agree. Just switched from 135 which was extremely accurate. rl10x was also excellent Only gone to 140 as I use it for something else , I also have found that since switching to noslers that they seem to perform better on foxes if you happen to get near the shoulder.