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  1. Wanted: Searching for High volume Wood pigeon Shooting

    Myself and some of my friends are trying to find a good contact who can deliver high volume wood pigeon shoots, over decoys with hide etc. all over the UK. We have been hunting Serbia and Hungary for pigeons and doves, but now we have been talking about trying the UK. And maybe combine the...
  2. Where is the best place for hunting Big sika stags

    DSCF1176 - The Stalking Directory Photo Gallery
  3. Where is the best place for hunting Big sika stags

    I want to thank everyone for their many reply and advices for the sika hunting. I don´t want to let you all get the feeling that I´m only a trophy hunter and looking for Medal class stags. But I have an Idea of the hunting adventure in my head and also an Idea to how the sika should look. And I...
  4. Where is the best place for hunting Big sika stags

    Can ANYONE guide me In the direction to where In the UK I Can find the biggest sika stags available.??? And ofcourse free range. And WHO Can offer the stalking?? Cheers...
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    Comment by 'MrSinning' in media 'Mouflon Ram Gold'

    czech republic.
  6. Mouflon Ram Gold

    Mouflon Ram Gold

  7. Mouflon Ram Gold

    Mouflon Ram Gold

  8. Mouflon Ram Silver

    Mouflon Ram Silver

    Ram Shot in Czech Rep.
  9. Available: Roe Deer Stalking Scottish Borders

    Hey Jamross65 Do you have pictures of bucks shot earlier seasons??
  10. Available: Red deer, Muntjac and CWD in Suffolk

    Would like more info regarding the hunts your have to offer. please PM thanks.
  11. Film - Go East (Tahr Hunting New Zealand)

    What a fantastic life to live!!! Cheers mate!!!:lol:
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    Comment by 'MrSinning' in media 'Czech Trophy Mouflon'

    Nice ram. How many CIC??
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    Comment by 'MrSinning' in media 'image252'

    nice looking stag!!
  14. Wanted: Medal Roebuck for this coming season.

    A good buddy of mine and myself, are looking for a great adventure hunting for a couple of nice mature roebucks. We are both experienced Hunters/ and excellent shooters and great company. We are in it for the lang haul not just for the kill. So PM me!!! if you have any ideas to where we can...
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    Comment by 'MrSinning' in media 'Fallow stags Sweden'

    It was. Shot the two out of the same group of animals in the same drive..
  16. Wild boar sweden

    Wild boar sweden

  17. Fallow stags Sweden

    Fallow stags Sweden

  18. Red stag 2013

    Red stag 2013

    Danish Red stag
  19. Wild boar hunting in sweden

    Wild boar hunting in sweden

  20. Available: Cancellation Stags Available

    would like some more info on the stag hunting