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  1. Boris Johnson gone bloody mad

    What about the Shot put ? 18 stones of pure shapely toned muscle hurling a shot through the air, I love Swedish women hmmmmmmm......
  2. Time for a change?

    Don't even think of packing in mate, I won't let you for starters !!! You know my feelings regarding posting here but, this is too much to let go. You gave me advice a while ago not to let the ******** grind you down, so don't ! I'll help you all I can, a flask of coffe, an NV...
  3. Sika Sac

    Is it the photo, or does the fallow in the foreground have the beginnings of a slipper on the foreleg ??? Apologies for the off topic highjacking :oops: I have one of Poppins sacks, it is awesome !
  4. Bettinsoli or Beretta

    Beretta, they dont sell more than all the others put together for no reason ! Sold my old 301 20 years ago and still regret it !
  5. No Charge, What Card Did He Play

    Mac, Got a spare set of bits here if you want me to knock one up for you ? Made some "improvements" too !
  6. Lease prices

    Good Luck to you, I hope you find yourself a real gem
  7. No Charge, What Card Did He Play

    The point is this - he was NOT charged, this was for a reason. No doubt the powers that be would have taken great delight in charging 'Mr' Cole . Please tell me what this reason was, you obviously seem to know something we don't or he would have been sent down for it !!! Do we have...
  8. No Charge, What Card Did He Play

    Undertones of "moral judgement"..........becoming "tedious"............ Really ? Cant say I'd ever noticed !!!! :roll::roll::roll: I agree wholeheartedly with Brian and Tamus, but I will say this for myself - As somebody, who in this respect, can speak from painful unjustified peronal...
  9. pic

    Dark line down the mid line of the neck and back, lightly spotted flank, evidence of spots becoming a line creating a flank/belly borderline, antler formation. 100% Fallow Pricket IMHO or A lesser spotted 'Wallafallowby' This...
  10. Are sheep intelligent

    Classic Bychan, absolutely classic. Gwych ! :lol::lol::lol: Never forget, We f*ck 'em , you eat 'em ! Ed : At time of going to press the correct spelling is ASUFFUK .....hence the phrase "DULL ASUFFUK"
  11. Ruddy Duck

    There was uproar john. Odd now that the spanish population is safe, its only when the ruddy things go to benidorm on hols that they have to worry following a common sense ( although needlessly expensive ) decision protection of native species called on by the culling selected...
  12. Trapping crows Try this
  13. 6 hrs of snipers on tv now

    Truly disturbing My youngest (16 last Saturday) is seriously talking of joining the forces. He has very good instincts, shoots straight and can virtually track a rabbit on a tarmac road. IED's don't take his talent into consideration, Frightening !
  14. 6 hrs of snipers on tv now

    Hahahah. You load 'em up I'll pull the trigger !
  15. 6 hrs of snipers on tv now

    .............the brown is just behind the pink !
  16. Scumbags

    Seems to me this can be sorted out very quickly. Ask the Landowners first hand, ask all those involved, then you will KNOW !!! The Irony, Oh the Irony !!!
  17. sako set triggers?

    Rab, Got one myself, great for the range but if you have a well regulated trigger there's really no need. I would say NEVER use it on live targets, the variables are too great of a shot going off when you are not 100% ready for it... in the heat of the moment with the 'fever' running...
  18. Ade 30-06 "A Stab Back"

    Thank you very much for the messages of support guys. The matter is OVER now. Could we PLEASZEEEE leave things from this point onwards and get on with more important matters. As things stand amicably now and resolutions have been made I think any further debate may be counterproductive...
  19. Ade 30-06 "A Stab Back"

    Gentlemen, Firstly, I would like to thank those who stood by me during this saga. Those people who knew the circumstance 'first hand' AS THEY HAPPENED over 7 WEEKS AGO ! I told them of events at the time and all agreed the decision at that time was correct and fair. Thank you...
  20. What would you do

    I stalked her for 2 years, the restraining order now means my love shineth from afar !