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  1. First FAC Application

    Thanks mate will have a look at HO quidance, .308 is what I'm after ideally
  2. First FAC Application

    Good point! I've got a couple booked this year (travel permitting) so should be all good
  3. First FAC Application

    I don't have security sorted out, like a gun safe? Will purchase one before applying if that's the case but assumed I'd need the FAC to buy it. I'm not a member no, i intend to join BASC, and i certainly will before applying. Not a member of any clubs, none I've found local but haven't looked...
  4. First FAC Application

    My bad, Brighton***
  5. First FAC Application

    Thanks mate that's much more positive than i was thinking, as long as it doesn't effect future chances then no reason not to, happy to be on a closed ticket
  6. First FAC Application

    I'm 22, applying for my first FAC, and so far I've been on just two guided outings (taken one buck) I'll be taking DSC1 in December, I've been with my GP for 4 months and haven't had a check up since I was 12 (22 now) No criminal convictions. I live in the south east, which makes me think the...
  7. Fears Over Workers Getting “Pinged” Covid-19 Track and Trace

    Having a hard week? Download the app, walk in and out of any pub, and get 10 days off to enjoy the sun.
  8. Blurring faces out of photos

    For eating plant based goo, of course?! 🤣
  9. Blurring faces out of photos

    Just like that, shouldn’t be blurred at all! Nice!
  10. Blurring faces out of photos

    I think abit like that when it comes to eating the animal taken, a part of it stays with you for good (hopefully not physically but you get this jist!)
  11. Blurring faces out of photos

    Cheers all! Appreciate the responses, I guess its just a case of "at your own risk", and try to avoid anti's w/ nothing better to do!
  12. Blurring faces out of photos

  13. Blurring faces out of photos

    my feelings exactly! I'm proud of it so why shouldn't i show it off
  14. Blurring faces out of photos

    Exactly, once its on there its on there for good, I'm fine with that though!
  15. Blurring faces out of photos

    New to stalking, taken one buck so far, first thing I wanted to do when i got back was show family/friends, but I see (very successful, much more experienced) stalkers blurring their own/clients faces out of photos, with much better takes on show than mine. I know we try to avoid the agg from...
  16. Introduction

    Been deer stalking for almost a year now, learning the ropes on each trip, prepping for DSC1 in December 21, looking to gain as much experience as possible. One of the important aspects for me is ethical stalking, and putting an emphasis on letting the deer go if the shot isn't perfect...