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  1. A weekend of Stalking - Thanks Malcolm

    I'll be honest, it is a sniper rifle. I do like it for stalking as I am very comfortable with it, granted it's not the best tool for the job but I can be sure to put a bullet where I want it, when I want it.
  2. A weekend of Stalking - Thanks Malcolm

    Thanks PM, it was well worth the wait. Its a T8 Reflex! the rife is a heavy brute! but I'm a big lad who can move very well with it.
  3. A weekend of Stalking - Thanks Malcolm

    Now that I have caught up with some sleep, cleaned all my gear and put everything away, I can sit back and give you guys an account of my weekend out with Malcolm, Joe and of course, Toby! For those who have never been out stalking with Malcolm, get you head examined and book a few stalks. You...
  4. Privi 30-06 180gr

    Depends what you are using rifle wise. I tend to use Prvi in my 30-06 and my 308. Had issues with the new stuff for the 308, but I know now what my rifle likes ammo wise. I had the Prvi 150gr in my Mossberg 4x4 and she loves it.
  5. Wanted: Bunny Bashing - Cambridge

    Hey guys Anyone got any land that I can do some damage to the rabbit population? I'm in desperate need to get back on the bunnies!! Cheers John Cambridge
  6. Moses

    And God said onto Moses "Come Forth" Moses came fifth and won a silver Tea-pot!
  7. Which Forces Issue AOLQ?

    Uncle Norm How did you manage toget yours? I asked just before Christmas and the reply was a bit unsure.
  8. The Chair

  9. The Chair

    You can just imagine......
  10. Sell or chop remmie .223

    I have been looking around for a .223, I might be interested if you are selling. PM me with info and pics. J
  11. Available: Taking bookings for Roe Buck 2013

    Thanks Sikamalc! looking forward to it.
  12. wasted money i reckon?

    I use a Finnish Pukku knife that my ex-wife bought me years ago, still very sharp and reliable. I could also suggest the Swedish Moraknif Companion, I use it as my secondary or loaner. Although I have been looking at the Leatherman Steens, I've used it once and was impressed.
  13. Available: Taking bookings for Roe Buck 2013

    I'll be up for that in July. I'm free for around the 11th July!
  14. Hi to all and a Happy New Year

    Greetings Just joined the forum and I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. John is the name, and I live in a village just outside Cambridge. Interested in different aspects of shooting and hunting, mainly Deer stalking. Going for my DSC1 later this year and possibly my DSC2 next year...