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  1. UK Deer Dog Group

    i have a 6 month old BMH pup whos training is going well so far and i would be willing to try to find a lost deer for a fellow stalker. i am in the Yorkshire area. Regards Adrian
  2. 2nd dog day

    Dog Day Hi Stone Count me in x2 and also the dog will be underway blood trailing by then well fingers crossed. With all this intrest what about trying to get some working tests up and running. There is some good info now available on what a test would consist of. wouldnt have to be offical...
  3. Adrian knight

    Hi Stone For some reason i am not recieving you pms. Post a reply on the web site and i will answer your questions from there. ATB Adrian
  4. Adrian knight

    Not recieved PMs Stone i returned from holiday and read your post i had not recieved the sent emails and have sent you 2 pms since but have no reply could you please re send ASAP Thanks ATB Adrian
  5. Which Dog

    Hi guys thanks for all your comments The problem with training the lab is they would now rather hunt pheasants etc than anything else deer just dont mean anything to them. On a further note about the hound type do you use this type of dog whilst out stalking as you would say a GSP or is it...
  6. Which Dog

    This is my first post so high to all. I have decided to purchase a dog for blood tracking and deerstalking. I cant make my mind up on which breed would be best. I have narrowed my choice down to either a GSP or a Bavarian but would appreciate any advice from the stalkers/ Trackers out there...