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  1. Wanted: 30-06

    Looking for a 30-06.. As much as I’d love a beautiful couple of k gun I’m not in such a fortunate position atm 😞 So realistically something between 5-800 quid Howa, tikka, REM etc... Nothing under 22” Don’t mind wood or synthetic
  2. Sold: Beddy lurchers

    I’ve lovely litter of whippet x greyhound x beddy pups looking for good homes.. Both extremely good working parents from excellent stock. Both parents between 23-24” tts 6 girls 4 boys - 1 boy already spoken for. £1000
  3. Wanted: Howa stock

    Anyone got a spare stock for a Howa mini action 204? Even a original factory one would be great.
  4. Keeper trousers

    Thinking of treating myself to some trousers.. like the look of the seeland keepers ; just can’t seem to bring myself to pay harkila prices... but obviously don’t want a pair that will tear easily as I negotiate tricky obstacles and fences! Not really looking for a super warm pair or anything...
  5. stainless actions

    Just wondering what you guys use to wipe down your rifles? And also what do you wipe or put on the inside of your stainless actions (where the bolt slides) to prevent them corroding?
  6. anyone using a burris scope? anyone using one of these? was going for another zeiss but noticed one of these.. some feedback would be really appriciated.
  7. christened the 204

    after some load development over the past few weeks i finally managed to get out with the 204. went over a farm which is in the middle of lambing, it was my first trip there for a couple of years, anyway walked through the famyard to the fields... put lamp on & seen 2 straight away. no safe shot...
  8. Most wanted

    This one had been eluding for some time, a nice big dog fox:) everytime that our paths had crossed previously he's always been fortunate enough to be in an unshootable position, down wind of me or hiding in the hedge! A lady phoned me late last year & said that she had witnessed a fox chassing...
  9. birthday photon

    Just got one of the above with a nightmaster 800 from my daughter an er indoors for my birthday:-) Can't wait to try it out. .
  10. 17 hornet, impressed!

    there's been a lot of chat going on regarding this cal of late, as it goes i put in for a variation a few months ago & try one for myself... like the rest of you i didn't fancy the savage either! but as there was nothing else available & indoors being made redundant i was sort of forced into...
  11. vortex scopes

    really thinking of going for a vortex viper scope.... had a look at them in the show, they seemed pretty good! just wondered if anyone has any feedback on how they perform in the field?
  12. 17 hornet slot

    finally got my ticket back from the plod. got a slot for a 17 hornet on it but it seems there are only savage available... don't really like the look of them.. but just wondred if anyone has one? if so how have you found it? did really fancy a Ruger but not going to here untill next year it...
  13. leupold mounts

    anyone had any issues with loopy q/r mounts? just put a pair on my latest set up & i don't have as much correction in my scope on one side as i do the other! by quite a bit!
  14. powder thrower

    Hey up guys, thinking of getting a powder thrower... I've never owned one before but need something to cut down the time its taking me to do my reloads! i'm starting to find the weighing of every charge a bit tedious! so I'm wondering how accurate these things are? & also which one to get? if...
  15. please sign!
  16. precision rifles

    I spoke to Callum today at precision rifles regarding having some work done on my rifle... he seemed very pleasant & helpful on the phone! was just wondering if anybody has had any work done with them?
  17. not the sharpest fox in the world

    couldn't believe this one! my buddy & i were out testing some new loads for our 243's the other evening, we had shot around a dozen rounds each over an hour or so. the light was just fading enough for the chrono to start playing up: so we ambled over to the target to have a look at my mates...
  18. .22 or .20ppc

    hi there guys, thinking of saving up over the next few months & re-barreling my .22ppc... got a 20" barrel on it at the moment as if was built as a bit of an all round gun, now i want to turn it into a more varminting type of rifle.. so question is... do i get say a 24" barrel in .22 or get one...
  19. job done!

    had a call last week from the local farmer who was a little worried that he'd seen 2 foxes on his land an he was about to start lambing in a week or so's time... so we went up for a walk with the lamp earlier in the week, we seen 1 an as soon as the lamp went on he legged it! strange i...
  20. rifle safe

    Hi Guys, Just moving into our new house which has taken several years to build & I'm thinking of getting a new gun safe... only got 3 shooters at the moment but was thinking of say a 6 gun safe... anyone out there point me in the right direction of a good one for around £200 ?