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  1. which to buy ZEISS or SWAROVSKI RF binos

    I have pretty much settled on the ZEISS if I'm honest, i was just trying to gauge opinion and see if anyone had any issues with after sales service or warranty issues etc, although at this money I would hope not to have ANY problems!
  2. which to buy ZEISS or SWAROVSKI RF binos

    Just about about to buy a new pair of binos, I'm after a range finding pair and have narrowed my choice down to either the ZEISS 8 x 45 victory RF or SWAROVSKI 8 x 42 EL RF What would you knowledgeable gentlemen recommend they will be mainly for slaking and general use?
  3. Cheap Scope (less than £150)

    I have to say I had a Nikko-Sterling 30mm diamond 3-12x56 kicking around after having a swap around with scopes, so as a temporary measure it ended up on my .243 and I have been so impressed with it, it is still on there after about 18mnths so I'd recommend them, maybe a little over your budget...
  4. ZEISS VICTORY RF 8 X 45 BINOS any good?

    Cheers gents looks i will invest in a pair of zeiss then, i have used both the Leica lrf's and Leica geovids but have to say I did find myself coming back to the Zeiss's!
  5. ZEISS VICTORY RF 8 X 45 BINOS any good?

    Thinking of investing in a pair of the above for all-round stalking binos (with the exception of hill stalking as I have a draw scope for that) Has anybody used or tried them, or better still does anyone own a pair if so what do you think of them? I was looking at the SWAROVSKI equivelent, but...
  6. 223, tikka lite or steyr scout

    I have always hated the TIKKA T3's and I have slagged them to death (having cut my stalking teeth with my then mentors lovely old .243 TIKKA 595 master continental) but when the opportunity arose to buy a T3 lite stainless in .222 with a PES T12 mod and nice glass for an absolute song and as I...
  7. Roe Calibres

    yes I would without a shadow of a doubt!!!
  8. what 308 should i go for.

    Bob, all RUGERS are utter crap!! I would NEVER have one, and yours will shoot like a bent drain pipe and group like a shotgun! Only kiddin' mate, good choice of bang-stick, when do I get a go of it then? are you still planning on running light bullets through it? I...
  9. "Calibre" or "Cartridge"?

    Well I remember having to try and explain to my FEO who was visiting to do a renewal a few years ago why I had 6mm Nosler bullets to reload my .243 when there was NO mention of 6mm on my ticket, he got quite shirty about it initially even after an in depth explaination!! the calibre really...
  10. .17HMR Accuracy Expectations...?!

    I have and regularly shoot several different flavour rifles, with the diddy-little .17hmr being the smallest and I have to say (having owned one within six months of them hitting our shores) I am still a big fan of this little round, and providing you except it for what it is and more...
  11. 7mm08 ammunition availability south east

    It would appear the ammunition is easier to obtain than the rifle itself! I was intent on adding a TIKKA T3 stainless laminate to my cabinet in 7mm-08rem, that was until GMK told me it would take at least 6 months to get one (and the same with my second choice of .30-06spr) so I'm going back to...
  12. a .308 for stalking and a bit of long range work, whats your thoughts.

    Well it was going to be a TIKKA T3 in stainless laminate, but as there is a 6 month wait for the 7mm-08 and the .30-06 which was my second choice it looks like its back to the old reliable .308 which I can get now!
  13. Heym Rifles

    I have a custom build using a 20" 1/8" twist border tube in a Ruger no#1 action which Neil McKillop did for me and it is a superb (although slightly heavy) rifle, it is incredibly accurate, I am very fond of it!
  14. Are we getting ripped off in the UK ?

    You have to also bear in mind both difference in the actual statistics recorded and our differing legal systems and processes. Those US figures only reflect what applications NEEDED to be processed i.e HANDGUNS and SOME FULL and/or SEMI-AUTO full bore rifles (usually not including shotguns...
  15. a .308 for stalking and a bit of long range work, whats your thoughts.

    Nah not yet bud, in fact I have yet to put the ticket in for variation, I will get the oncoming "Silly season" out of the way first and hopefully get it in Jan/Feb (although its gonna be a special order so god knows how long that will take?) Let me know when your up for a trip out bud
  16. Curse of the level two??

    well not meaning to rub salt in the wound but I did mine in the first three outings, so it can happen
  17. What is the best all round calibre for deer stalking in the UK?

    The calibre itself is unimportant to be honest as long as it is a legal calibre for the job in hand, .222 is great down here in the south for munties but obviously not southern roe or northern reds. The important factor is choice of the correctly constructed bullet and its accurate placement on...
  18. opinions in choice of new calibre

    Hi Gents, Although I consider myself fairly well versed in firearms, especially rifles and calibres (I should be its my job;)) I just wondered what the opinions were of you other stalkers and learned gentlemen were? I have had and used .243win for donkeys years and used .308win on and off for...
  19. well just picked up my new toy!!

    Thanks for the comments guys, and yes it is .243win, I did have the AI option but considering the extra powder/throat erosion for a measely 200-300fps gain I decided against it, plus .243 has NEVER let me down even with big Fallow bucks and pumped-up Sika stags