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  1. .303 Peregrine?

    I have used the same .312 Hornady 174gn bullet, in my old Lithgow for 35 years with the same load to great effect I have future proofed every thing except the 45-70 and the .303. So wanted to know of any of your experiences with either the 152gn or 168gn bullets, below the actions pressure...
  2. 9.3, 232gn Nielsen Sonics?

    Has anyone used the 9.3, 232gn Nielsen sonics? What sort of accuracy and velocity are you getting? K
  3. Sold: Brno mod 2 Steel 5 end mag

    Hi, looking for a steel Brno mod 2 mag. If any one wants to let one go pm me please. Thanks K
  4. For Sale: 7x57 PH Mauser barreled action.

    7x57 PH commercial action, 20" barrel. V accurate. £125.00 plus transfer. PM for info.
  5. For Sale: Mauser 98 parts

    Various Mauser goodies. PM for info. All Plus P&P. Recknagel m98 3 pos. Safety. £280. New. With best London black by Midland finishing. M98 Mauser tang safety, £125.00 P.H. Oberndorf style bottom metal. £80 PH Trigger with side safety. £45.00 Redfield one piece mount for commercial action...
  6. For Sale: 7x57, PH, M81

    Having just acquired a 7x57 1905 mannlicher, I am forced to part with this lovely, unfortunately and with a heavy heart. A classic PH M81 in 7x57. It shoots sub inch with bullets from 160gn down to 120gn. It has a recknagel three pos. safety and barrel band with a 21" barrel, 11 Deg. target...
  7. Wanted: Mannlicher Schoenauer 1903 stock

    A slim chance I know but if any one has one what ever the condition please PM me! Thanks, K
  8. For Sale: Two classic books

    A Classic available, A slip cased edition of Everett Garrison and Hoagy B Carmichael's, A Masters Guide To Building a Bamboo Fly Rod. £175.00 in V. Good condition. A copy of the fantastic Somewhere Down The Crazy River by Paul Booted and Jeremy Wade. £120.00 in V.G with slightly tattered dust...
  9. Sold: S&B ZENITH 3-12 x 50

    Time to go! S&B ZENITH 3-12 X 50, in great used condition, other than a light scuff down one part of bell housing as per photographs. Lens unscratched. With A4 reticle. Not including mounts. £550.00 + p&p, or consider swapping for one inch x 42 ish variable german scope. PM for any other info...
  10. Oh my.... Serial no. 42, Sold by Lyon and Lyon, the same as Kenneth Anderson used? Very, tempted... Ahhhh I know I don't need it but it's Christmas..... Happy Christmas. K PS there is a stainless...
  11. Wanted: 28mm Tripod center column

    Hi, I am looking for a replacement short 28mm Tripod center column. I have rang a few places without much luck. If you know of anywhere or have one please PM me. Thanks, K
  12. Wanted: AICS stock

    Thinking about an AICS stock. Let me know what you have, the more knocked about and cheaper the better! Cheers K
  13. ITAR, what are the changes?

    Does anyone know more about how the ITAR regulation changes will affect supply from USA to the UK? Will we be able to buy bullets directly from the states in the near future or not? K
  14. Wanted: PH m81 stock

    Hi all, I am looking for a PH M81 stock. If you have one you want to get rid of pm me. Thanks, K
  15. Hornady ETX

    Has anyone had any experience of these yet? The .30cal looks very interesting a 125gn, round nose with cavity? Does anyone know of any in the country at all? Sounds just the job for 30-30. Best K
  16. Socially isolating!

    The children have moved out, worried about us older folk! And this is what my larder is reduced too! Best K
  17. Got my 8mm back

    I got back my 8x57 on a DWM action, original London proofs of 1926. I picked it up a few weeks ago after having it being re-barreled by Gary at Artisan Forge with a Walther stepped barrel the same as the original. Super accurate job as usual. Thought I would put up some shots. I am going crazy...
  18. Sold: Mauser Flag "Safe" in gold

    A flag safety as per picture. Would swap for a Parker Hale model 81 stock or £50 posted.
  19. Just sitting here thinking!?!

    What to ask santa for this year? What calibre would you choose? .275 I think! Just the job.
  20. Experiences of Sax Bullets??

    I am quite intrigued by the design of these and the weight, calibre offerings. Has anyone used these - thoughts and experiences please? Cheers K