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  1. Question re getting a carcass into a Navara!

    For big game animals, I lay a tarp in the bed of my truck, skin and quarter the animals in the field and throw them on the tarp. Can manage any large animals solo this way.
  2. Loctite & Scope Mounts

    Blue loctite on everything.
  3. FX crown v Ruger 1022

    My $200 Chiappa Little Badger 22lr can take grouse out at 80 yards with ease. 10/22’s are definitely not the 22lr to be compared with, many I’ve used had horrible accuracy.
  4. Lost to the darkside !!!

    A pink mankini?? That’s absurd. I much prefer green, you get the benefit of camo but get to feel the breeze against your backside. Ahh the little things in life.
  5. Lost to the darkside !!!

    Welcome… welcome.. 😈
  6. Can’t get a new unfired barrels clean.

    Yep. @R06.5 , I’ll take one for the team and relieve you of that disfigured barrel. 200 £. 😏
  7. Horse flies....

    Full choke on that bad boy.
  8. Cleaning Regimes and potential health implications

    I don’t use gloves or a mask when sifting through my tumbler. Maybe I should be? Something to consider for sure. Ive always thought of my tumbler as the obnoxious loud noise coming from upstairs, not as a vibrating cloud of death.
  9. Clean or not to clean

    I use this. As for cleaning it off, the tumbler does a good enough job. Afterwards I wipe them down with a microfibre cloth and they’re good to go.
  10. Horse flies....

    What the heck type of horse flies do you guys have over there?! Infections? Immobilizing joints? 😱 It’s normal for me to get bit 5-10 times per day when the horse flies are out in full force, they sting but don’t draw blood, definitely don’t leave a mark. Maybe a different species? These are...
  11. Can’t get a new unfired barrels clean.

    I wouldn’t stress, just go shoot it. I passed maybe four patches through my new 308 R8 barrel before shooting it for the first time today. Didn’t bother with break in either. Sighted it in at 100 then a friend and I were hitting steel at 330 m no problem. I cleaned the barrel when I got home...
  12. Selling antlers in velvet

    Or Etsy!
  13. Morning All

    Hello, and good morning!
  14. Max's first Buck

    Loved reading about your outing, well done! I’ve run into bullets not expanding as well… shot a wolf with a 300 win mag at about 50 yards away. Slipped through ribs on both sides, small holes. Happened to a bear as well. Still kills things just fine, just not as much trauma.
  15. Clean or not to clean

    😂 so precious!! When they come out glistening… god damn.
  16. Clean or not to clean

    ….. not cleaning brass? The horror! So much of my free time is spent cleaning and polishing my brass 😂.
  17. Removing a Blaser Knob…..

    Looks great! And much more functional than a ball, in my opinion.
  18. Removing a Blaser Knob…..

    I replaced both of my plastic knobs by using a wrench and forcing them off. Destroyed both but I don’t care as the knob I replaced them with are much nicer.
  19. New to site

    Welcome! I also reload 6.5 CM, feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss.
  20. 243 still viable?

    Can we get a necropsy thread going? To post photos of what certain bullets/calibers are doing based on shot placement?