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  1. Katch-it Hampshire - have I been fleeced?

    I purchased and have been charged for some items online 2 weeks ago from: Rabbit, Rat & Squirrel Traps | Humane Traps | Affordable Traps | Katch-it based in Bramley Hampshire which I have yet to receive. I've tried to follow-up by telephone, no answer and email, no reply etc. As a result, I'm...
  2. Wanted: Bretton-Gaucher G12 Phantom Silenced 410 Bolt

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement/spare/secondhand bolt for a .410 Bretton-Gaucher G12 Phantom? Thanks.
  3. Wanted: Browning (Miroku) B-78 in .243 or .223

    Looking to give a good home to a B-78 if anyone has one that they no longer use.
  4. What really gets your goat?

    Undertaking on the Motorway.
  5. Wanted: Viper-Flex Styx Elite Shooting Sticks

    Long shot - Does anyone have any secondhand Viper-Flex quad sticks going spare? Thanks 308RWS
  6. Countryside Code relaunched on April Fool's Day

    In other news: The Countryside Code
  7. Defence Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer Resigns

    Worth a read, a sad day for Veterans and an indictment upon the current sate of UK politics: Resignation
  8. For Sale: Compact Leather Rifle Cartridge Case for 5 rounds

    Compact antique brown leather bullet holder with 5 loops and silent fastening. Capable of holding rounds up to 9.3x74. Made in Italy by Riserva. As new, £30 posted.

    I have an original set of 30mm Ernst Apel EAW swing off mounts for a Sauer 202 action which I no longer use. These retail new for anywhere between £350-440. So, I'm thinking £185 plus postage is a fair price if you were to add up the alternative cost of converting the action to a Picatinny...
  10. Wanted: Niggeloh Classic Loden Cartridge Case

    Does anyone have one going spare or surplus to requirement? Niggeloh Classic Loden Cartridge Case
  11. Sold: Tikka T3 Butt / Stock spacers x 3

    As new, £25 posted. Alternatively x 3 for £30 posted.
  12. Sold: Sako TRG / Tikka T3 Tac M18 x 1 factory Muzzle Brake

    As new, £75 posted.
  13. Wanted: 34mm Rings

    Does anyone have any 34mm precision rings going spare? Ideally, centre scope height of 1inch (25.4mm) to fit a picatinny rail, non snag pattern. Or, do you know where I might find some on sale? Please and thank you. 308RWS
  14. Sold: Swarovski CTC draw scope 30 x 75

    Genuine Swarovski UK import complete with carry case, as new never used still in box £750 UK posted. Please PM me for photos etc. if interested.
  15. Sold: Meopta Artemis 7x50

    I've decided to sell my Meopta Artemis 7x50 back-up scope. This is a very sturdy and reliable rifle scope ideal for someone new to deer stalking or anyone on a budget - great european glass and well made. Not so long ago, if you aspired to a 6x42 it would probably have been a German made...
  16. Wanted: Schmidt & Bender BDC Elevation Adjustment Ring calibrated for .308 calibre, 168 grain bullet

    Does anyone have a S&B Classic BDC Elevation Adjustment Ring calibrated for .308, 168 grain lying around spare, which they don't need and would be happy to part with? Schmidt & Bender - Riflescopes – Turrets – Hunting Although I'm after the ring marked which is marked: 100, 200, 300, 400...
  17. COVID-19 is a warning to us all

    I posted this in Oct last year: Fast forward, within 83 days COVID19 has spread 9000km from Wuhan in China resulting in an international pandemic, UK National Emergency and European lock-down. So what? National and international WHO disease monitoring and early warning systems are simply too...
  18. Outbreaks of African Swine Fever in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Serbia - DEFRA APHA update.
  19. Vacancy: Two FE Wildlife Ranger vacancies, Gloucestershire

    Wildlife Rangers (Forest of Dean) - Civil Service Jobs - GOV.UK
  20. Rovince Duo-fit Trousers

    Hi I'm thinking about buying a pair of the Rovince Duo-fit trousers. Is there anyone on the Site who owns a pair who's happy to give a brief review? Are they any good, vfm etc. and where can I get a pair in green? Many thanks 308 RWS