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  1. Best skinning knifes and graulick knifes/tools

    Bushwear bush knife in bright orange. Cheap and effective in both your scenarios.
  2. Harris SL bipod

    Mole grips? FFS. Much better to ask at your local garage if any of the mechanics has a thin walled socket, or grind one down. Or try some gentle heat....
  3. Large vacuum pack bags for Ro

    Have a look at butcher's sundries web site, try do a range of sizes of bags.
  4. Slivovitz

    Slivovitz, at least the Jugoslav kind, is evil stuff akin to paint stripper. But plum gin sounds ok.....

    Similar down the Fife coast as well today....
  6. Short Term Shooting Liability Insurance

    Ask the SGA, they might manage to help you.
  7. To sell or not to sell?

    With the supply of new cars uncertain because of component shortages, demand for second hand cars has outstripped supply and prices have risen. Ask around and see what you're offered and decide if that's acceptable...
  8. Easy venison recipe

    Add venison mince to a jar of Aldi Bolognese sauce with Chianti, serve with pasta. Or mix strips of fillet or loin with chilli sauce and serve in fajitas. Or diced venison with cranberries done in the slow cooker. Or flank, dipped in flour, egg and bread crumbs as a schnitzel. The possibilities...
  9. Semi retirement

    The trouble with retirement never get a day off.
  10. Deer butchery courses

    Balgove larder near St Andrews. Details should be on their web site if they're still doing them post COVID.
  11. Deer butchery courses

    Did an informal one up here, no certificate but very useful. That, and YouTube and lots of practice....
  12. Poult (non)availability

    There was a story recently about some day old partridge on eBay, 5,000 birds went for in excess of £50,000.
  13. MacNab

    Tulchan estate in Angus, Dalhousie estates in Angus, invercauld in Aberdeenshire all figure in the annual reports. Or possibly atholl estates in Perthshire. The salmon is the hardest part.
  14. Will Boris survive tonight's vote?

    If he loses, memoirs and a seat in the Lord's beckons. If he stays, still on the gravy train. Ego first, wallet second and the electorate a very distant third.
  15. The value of Reference/Referee process

    I've acted for three people as a referee in Tayside in Scotland and have always been contacted and asked the same questions as above. I've also refused a couple of lads for the same reasons.
  16. Scammer on Facebook

    Facebook market place is full of them. A favourite, for an expensive item, is I'll send a courier with your cash, to collect the item. Two vans turn up and your goods and cash disappear.....
  17. Sold: Stihl Chainsaw Bar and chain

    As above, Stihl part number 3003 000 6813, 16" bar, 0.325", 1.6mm, think it's 67 links. It suits MS240,260,270 and 280. The bar has seen light use, but the chain is brand new. Acquired from a friend, but it doesn't fit my saw as I discovered in the middle of a wood this afternoon. :( How does...
  18. Environmentally safe eh?

    I'll drink to that....
  19. Highland ponies used for extraction

    If they can't, and I don't think they use ponies any more, invercauld next door might be worth a call.
  20. Selling antlers in velvet

    Ask at your local Chinese restaurant?